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When faced with problems people often turn to those they trust for help and support. That person is often a family member or friend. When there are no family members or friends available, Help & Care’s Advocacy Service can be an alternative source of help and support.

Help & Care Advocates work in partnership with the people they support and take their side. They spend time with the person to find out what is important to them and what they want to change about their life. They help the person to say what they want, obtain the services they need and achieve their personal goals.

Help & Care Advocates can help people with all sorts of problems including issues with housing, finances, health, managing at home and personal care.

The service is free, independent, and confidential.

Who we support

General Advocacy

General Advocacy supports people over the age of 65 who live in Bournemouth or Poole.

Your Voice

Your Voice supports people over 50, or anyone over 18 with a physical disability, sensory impairment or long term health condition who live in East Dorset, Christchurch and Purbeck areas. For people who live in North or West Dorset, this service is provided by Dorset Advocacy.

Advocacy under the Care Act

Advocacy under the Care Act is for people who the local authority believe would have difficulty taking part in assessment, care planning and reviews and have no-one else to support them through these processes. Help & Care provide this service to people who live in East Dorset, Christchurch and Purbeck areas. For people who live in North or West Dorset this service is provided by Dorset Advocacy.

Dorset Macmillan Advocacy

Dorset Macmillan Advocacy offers support to people in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset who are over 50 and affected by cancer. We also support carers and relatives (of any age) of people over 50 affected by cancer. The support is provided by trained peer volunteer advocates aged over 50 who understand the impact cancer can have on your life.  Most volunteers have personal experience of cancer or of caring for someone with cancer.

We support patients at any and every stage of the journey from investigations (pre-diagnosis) through active treatment to coping with the consequences of cancer treatment.  We help you to make informed decisions about treatment and care and to live well with cancer.

The service is free, independent and confidential.  It is funded by Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Call Dorset Macmillan Advocacy on 0300 012 0256 to speak to a friendly Information and Support Worker or ask your doctor or nurse to refer you.

You can also contact us by email macmillan@helpandcare.org.uk or use the referral form on our website http://dorsetmacmillanadvocacy.org/gethelp/

Intermediate Care

Help & Care’s Advocates in the Bournemouth and Poole Intermediate Care Teams support people who are rehabilitating following hospital treatment or who are at risk of being admitted to hospital.

Carers Advocacy

Carers Advocacy offers support to people over 18 who care for someone who lives in Bournemouth or Poole.


An example of how Advocacy supported Archie and June

Archie and June, a couple in their eighties, were worried about how they were going to manage in the future.

Their health and mobility was deteriorating, leaving them feeling unsafe and unconfident to leave their home. They felt very isolated and to make things worse, Archie was diagnosed with dementia. He could not do things that he used to take for granted, like driving and managing money and was at a very low ebb. He sat at home depressed, did not go out, did not wash, change his clothes or shave.

The Help & Care Advocate assisted Archie and June to claim all the benefits they were entitled to and then helped them to put the money to good use! The Advocate supported them to access help with cleaning and laundry, set up a telephone emergency call line and a meal delivery service. The Advocate supported Archie to attend a social group and accessed community transport schemes to get him there.

The Advocate also supported June to register with the Carers Service so she got specific support which included the Carers Short Break Service so she could have some time to herself.

As a result of the Advocate’s input, Archie had a new lease of life, felt happier, safer, more confident and back in control. June felt re-charged and less stressed.

June said, “If only I’d known about this earlier”

Archie said, ‘I don’t know what we would have done without Help & Care – we can’t thank you enough’.

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