The role of Dorset POPP Champions is to 'Challenge and Change' the way services are provided to Older People and to support the development of new services for older people.

There is one POPP Champion for each of the 33 Dorset POPP Clusters and each Champion works for seven hours per week. They are in close contact with local older people and help them to set up new activities and resources within the local community, such as lunch clubs, voluntary car schemes, computer groups, carers’ groups – whatever the older people in the local community have identified as a need. This is achieved through a fully inclusive approach by:

  • listening to older people’s concerns
  • engaging with local services and communicating information with groups and communities of older people.
  • working collaboratively with providers to improve existing services and by developing activities with local organisations to support older people.
  • working alongside older people to find innovative ways to develop their own services and to provide advice and support, resources and funding for new projects.

The following example demonstrates the difference a POPP Champion working in partnership with the local community can make:

The Champion in Corfe Mullen visited St Nicholas Church where the Vicar and a congregation member had raised a concern regarding support in Corfe Mullen for people with memory loss. Examples were given of people in the congregation who were dealing with memory loss and the impact that had on them and also for the people caring for them.

The Champion investigated the scale of the problem, liaised with other groups, local businesses and the wider community in Corfe Mullen. Linking with and learning from similar organisations enabled a Steering Group to be formed to take ideas forward. A successful application was made to the POPP Dementia Innovation Fund for the seed funding of the Corfe Mullen Memory Loss Hub. This is a monthly drop-in for people with memory loss (diagnosed or undiagnosed) and carers to serve Corfe Mullen and surrounding areas. It disseminates information about memory loss, provides training/awareness opportunities and engages with other relevant local support services - working to help Corfe Mullen be a dementia-friendly community. 

In addition, there is now a strong cohort of volunteers who support these meetings.

To find out more about the work of POPP Champions or to contact your local Champion please call Help & Care 0300 111 3303 and ask to speak to one of the POPP Team or email to

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