Archie and June - Supported by the Advocacy Team

Archie and June were in their 80s when Help & Care first met them. With the cost of living on the rise and their health deteriorating, they were worried about how they were going to manage in the future.

Their health condition and loss of mobility made them feel unsafe and unconfident to leave their home. To make things worse, Archie was diagnosed with dementia and he couldn’t do things that he used to take for granted, like driving or managing money. Archie was at a very low ebb, to the point that he didn’t go out, wash, change his clothes or shave.

The Help & Care Advocacy Team assisted Archie and June to claim all the benefits they were entitled to and then helped them to put the money to good use.

“We supported them to access help with cleaning and laundry, set up a telephone emergency call line, and a meal delivery service, which made a real difference to their quality of life.” - Kath, Help & Care Advocate

Kath also supported Archie to access community transport schemes and attend a social group.  She encouraged June to register with the Carers Service to get specific support, which included the Carers Short Break Service that allowed her have some time to herself.

“If only I’d known about this earlier. Archie feels a lot more confident and happy now, and I have more support in my role as a carer, which allows me to dedicate some time for myself again.” – June.

As a result of the Advocate’s help, Archie and June were given a new lease of life. Not only did their finances improve, but so did their social lives, and they started going to social groups and used community transport schemes to get out and about. They felt happier, safer, and had more confidence.