Claire's story - Coping with her health condition

Claire is a 19 years old woman who has been living with pain, headaches, and extreme tiredness since she was much younger. This had been diagnosed as Fibromyalgia, but she hadn’t received any further support from her health care professionals.

When she heard about 'My Health My Way' through a friend, she decided to contact the team to see if they could help. Claire spoke to a member of the team, and after checking it was an appropriate service for her, she was linked up with her self-management coach.

On the first session, Claire explained that she felt frustrated and hopeless about her medical condition. She had collapsed several times recently, but she felt that she wasn't supported by her family, friends or doctors because her condition hadn't been well understood. 

Our coach signposted Claire to the Fibromyalgia Support Group in Christchurch and to Fibromyalgia UK for information about the condition. At first, Claire was hesitant to attend the group, but thanks to the coaching sessions, she developed the confidence that helped her make the first step.

Attending the Fibromyalgia Support Group has meant that for the first time in her life she could get the support she needed to help her move forward with her life. It has also helped her to get in touch with other people who understand her condition and can support her. 

This has great meaning for Claire and she can now make her future plans with confidence because her condition is better understood by health care professionals, family and friends. Claire said:

You listened when no one else believed me and being able to talk to someone who supported and accepted me as I am has made a huge difference to me.


Note: Names, as well as other identifying details, are changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy.  Photograph is a stock image.