Early Help/POPP supporting single parents in Dorchester

Claire is a single mum who lives in the area of Dorchester. In winter 2017, Claire joined the charitable organisation Gingerbread, which provides information and support for single parents and their families, with the intention of setting up a support group for single parents in Dorchester as no such group existed.

After a few weeks, Claire was feeling very disheartened, as she could not find a suitable venue for the meet-up and was fed up with the general negative reactions she was getting. Even her own parents were saying to her: “Let someone else do this, you've got so much on your plate.”

In September 2017, Claire met with one of the Early Help/POPP Champions for the area of Dorchester. Regardless of the difficulties she’d found in her way, Claire was thrilled and had ambitious plans for the future. She wanted to organise cookery classes, a gardening club, and group outings.

The Early Help/POPP Champion provided a listening ear, sympathetic support and a share of the work load. Our Champion checked a couple of suitable venues before suggesting one to Claire. Once they secured the venue, the Champion met with Claire and brainstormed how to promote the new group.

The first meeting was set up for January 2018. Three mums turned up and they stayed for two hours. Everyone really benefited from a like-minded chat and they shared loads of social media tips to promote the group, as well as other possible venues. 

Claire said:

Really pleased and thank you for helping me to make this happen.


Note: Names, as well as other identifying details, are changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy.  Photograph is a stock image.