Helen’s story - Accepting her condition supported by My Health My Way

Helen, 46, underwent brain surgery several years ago and now suffers from chronic fatigue, short-term memory loss, weakness in her limbs and epileptic seizures.

She works part-time and tries to manage a home and family life with her husband and teenage daughter, but she feels overwhelmed with her condition and isn’t’ coping with her situation well. She said:

“I felt helpless, hopeless, and could not see a way forward for myself in any positive way.”

Helen was referred to My Health My Way and through the coaching sessions she recognised her inabilities to accept the changes in her life due to her health conditions. 

She realised she was in denial; the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and a Blue Badge had been declined, she wasn’t accepting any offers of help from her family or friends, refused to use any equipment and wasn’t doing the exercises her physio had recommended.

By using the tools, techniques and worksheets shown by her Self-Management Coach, Helen realised how her unhelpful emotions and denials were worsening her conditions. She began to have open and honest conversations with her family, friends and work colleagues, and started to have more restful times for herself, alongside asking and accepting support when it was offered to her.

Helen also accepted a motorised scooter and reapplied for a Blue Badge and PIP with the help of her coach. This time, she stated the effects that her health conditions have on her life in a truthful way. The PIP is now under review and the Blue Badge was awarded successfully.

By stating she was a Blue Badge holder she was able to have a trip to the theatre with her husband using the free carers seating, with more given space, and she also booked a church holiday with her husband.Helen said:

“I am so grateful for all that my Self-Management Coach has helped me with, it has been a valuable and rewarding service, and I have gained much by doing it. Thank you. The acceptance of my condition has been a ‘biggie’ for me, I did not realise.”


Note: Names, as well as other identifying details, are changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy.  Photograph is a stock image.