Mrs J - Supported by our Gateway team

Mrs J had been receiving support from Help & Care’s volunteers for more than year. When she decided to move to Weymouth, she was concerned that she wouldn’t be receiving support anymore.

When Mrs J first contacted us, she needed support to attend essential appointments, such as going to the doctor or hospital. Due to a mobility impairment, she couldn’t go on her own and she didn’t have family around who could help her.

Through our Volunteering Scheme, we arranged a volunteer to drive her to those appointments when required. Our volunteer also realised that she felt quite lonely and housebound, so he suggested signing up to our Walking Group and Telephone Befriending services. Over the last year, Mrs J has also been supported by our Advocacy and Gateway teams.

A couple of weeks ago, Mrs J rang the Gateway as she was concerned that, with a move to Weymouth, she would struggle and would not be able to benefit from the support she had from Help & care’s volunteers.

Gateway did some research and found the number of an organisation based in Weymouth called ‘Community Angels’, sourced from ‘My life My Care’ website.

Mrs J was really pleased that she could carry on receiving support from another organisation. She called last week to give her thanks, she said:

“I appreciate everything Help & Care has done for me over the years”.


Note: Names, as well as other identifying details, are changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy.  Photograph is a stock image.