Rob’s story - Getting used to deafness

Rob suffered an accident that left him profoundly deaf at the age of 37.

At the time, he didn’t know sign language and he found himself struggling to carry out day-to-day activities that he used to do without trouble, such as answering the phone at work or just talking to friends and family.

He said:

Getting used to my deafness was very hard and made me feel depressed, unconfident and insecure about the future. At first, I struggled to cope with it.

After his therapist referred him to Help & Care for initial information and advice, he sent an email to our Gateway Team. Rob wanted to contact other deaf people in the local area to find out more about their personal experience and how they had overcome challenges.

Our Information Support Worker sent him a factsheet containing information about local clubs and societies that could be helpful. She also signposted him to Bournemouth Deaf Association and provided information about our local service ‘My Health My Way’, which supports people who suffer long-term health conditions to learn how to manage the impact of their health on their emotions and day-to-day life.

Rob said:

Thank you Help & Care for providing such useful information and advice. Although there’s lots of information out there, sometimes it’s too overwhelming and you just need a friendly person to point you in the right direction. Thanks to your help, I got in touch with many other people who had faced similar situations and could offer advice, and I signed up for My Health My Way coaching sessions, which helped me understand better how I was feeling and start dealing with my condition.