Stefan's story - Supporting the homeless people in Christchurch.

Stefan's story - Supporting the homeless people in Christchurch.

Stefan, Help & Care Champion, represents Early Help/ POPP in the ongoing care for the homeless in Christchurch.

In conjunction with representatives of EDP, homeless people, and likeminded individuals, Stefan joined the overnight sleepover in Christchurch on Friday 28th April to highlight the plight of the homeless and to raise money to support their care. Stefan said:

“I was humbled to witness the dignity of a group of individuals. Whilst their circumstances are very much different to the norm, within a group of empathetic people they present themselves as dignified and extremely courteous people.

What I value more than anything, is when I see them and they recognise me, I am proud to have them as friends – many would see them as the “unfortunates” in British society and from a material perspective that is true, however, they have a wealth of generosity of spirit and a desire to share what little they have which is extremely moving. 

It is such a shame that there is insufficient support or housing to help them and whilst the Government have promised an extra £1Bn to the NHS to support mental health, I doubt much of it will filter down to these wonderful people.”


Note: Names, as well as other identifying details, are changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy. Photograph is a stock image.

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