Our 66 Dorset Wayfinders work across 33 localities throughout this beautiful county. Their role is to understand everything that is going on in communities so they in turn, can use that information for the benefit of older people they come into contact with.

Wayfinders will work with you to help you access services and opportunities that may ultimately improve your situation and help maintain your independence.

They will offer guidance on everything from local lunch clubs, exercise classes, toe nail cutting services and transport schemes to finding the right people to support you with your housing concerns, finance and benefits challenges, personal care matters and appropriate healthcare provision.

The Wayfinders also work collaboratively with Dorset POPP Champions and Dorset POPP Community Development Workers to help identify gaps in service provision.  This may lead to the development of new and innovative services in direct response to your feedback and experiences.

Importantly, the Wayfinder will work with an individual older person to identify the information or service they need to meet their personal needs and aspirations. This is a tailored service.

I was amazed at the speed that it took, firstly to contact me and then visit me. The Wayfinder listened to all my ailments and was so understanding of my needs. She has given me extremely helpful advice and I will be pursuing some. I would like to express my thanks for all the help I have been given, I consider myself extremly fortunate.

The Wayfinder was the genuine article, the kind of person to restore your self esteem and confidence, you could not have a better ambassador for your cause. I feel as though I have someone who I can turn to at any time, this denotes the dedication and thoroughness of her work. Long may your charity continue. POPP is the top!

The Wayfinder is someone I can call on when needed. She has got us doing voluntary work, computer work and talking with our parrot! She has changed the way we look at things since I had my stroke. I am now feeling 90% better - so thank you very much.

I am 88 years old and lost my wife a year ago. I am sure that Wayfinders can help in more ways than most. The Wayfinder that visited me was helpful and reassuring, he clearly likes his job and does it very well.




To find out more about the work of POPP Wayfinders please telephone us on 01305 548111 or 01202 946111

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