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The concept of patient activation or self-management recognises that people can if given appropriate support, become confident and knowledgeable partners in their own care, making day-to-day decisions and judgments on how to effectively manage their health. 

For some people with complex health conditions and social circumstances this journey may take many years, sometimes compounded by the health care system itself. 

At Help & Care we have been working in partnership CEmPaC and the Dorset Primary Care Training Hub to create training courses for Health and Care professionals.  


We have 3 courses on offer to deliver training programmes for health and care professionals in Dorset: 

Programme 1 - Introduction to Practice

Programme 2 - Health & Wellbeing Coach Training (Modules 1 to 4)

Programme 3 - Health & Wellbeing Coach Training (Modules 5 to 8)


These 3 courses have received accreditation by the Personalised Care Institute (PCI), this means they have been assessed against the PCI’s rigorous quality assurance & accreditation framework, so you can be assured that they meet the very highest standards of training

Find out more about our training courses below 

Training Courses 


This course is suitable for new to role practitioners; Health and Wellbeing Coaches, Care Co-ordinators and Social Prescribers. 

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Health and Wellbeing Coach Training:  (complete course 28 hours) 

Modules 1 to 4  Suitable for individual practitioners within the primary and secondary care workforce and community teams (Clinical consultants, AHP's, Health and Wellbeing Coaches, Care Co-ordinators, Social Prescribers). 

Modules 5 to 8  Suitable for Health and Wellbeing Coaches as a continuation of the 8 module training or Health & Care professionals with special interest e.g. GP’s, Allied Health Professionals, Social workers or trainee health & care professionals.   

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Autumn Training Dates Coming Soon


We recognise that your workforce training needs may be unique to you. 

Please call us on 0300 111 3303 or

Email: Contact@helpandcare.org.uk to discuss bespoke training content and options 


Our courses are delivered in partnership:


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