Step One

Personalised Care Institute (PCI) Accredited Training

Person-centred Conversations Skills Training:

Modules 1 – 4

This course is suitable for all staff across the system. Suitable for individual practitioners within the Health and Social Care workforce and community teams (Clinical Consultants, AHP’s, Health and Wellbeing Coaches, Care Coordinators, Social Prescribers, Social Workers etc).

It will provide practitioners with an overview of health coaching skills, with techniques to have more personalised conversations with people and understand what matters to them, and to identify solutions.

Person-centred Conversations: Skills Practice

Modules 5 – 8

This course is suitable for Health & Wellbeing Coaches, Team Leaders, health & care professionals with special interest e.g., GP’s, Allied Health, Social Workers, or trainee health & care professionals. 

The course continues from the Person-centred Conversations: Skills Training modules 1 to 4, with a focus on practice, next steps, and assessment.

What attendees said about our PCI accredited training

A brilliant course - I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot

Credit to the facilitators

Excellent pace and a safe space to explore

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