‘My Health My Way’ project with Westbourne Medical Centre

At Help & Care, we have long believed that self-management support ‘worked’, and have been provided a self-management support service in Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth since 2014. 

The right service provision can be commissioned, but it needs to integrate into pathways to be effective.

Despite various initiatives, referral rates from GPs to this local CCG-commissioned self-management support service were low – averaging 0.6 referrals per practice over 3+ years.

Co-location of self-management coaches was trialed in one large practice in Bournemouth, with training and system development, and after a short period of time, there had been over 100 referrals.

These reports show the development of the co-location model and the impact of coaching for people with long-term conditions. This is measured through qualitative interviews, Patient Activation Measures and GP data.

From the small cohort of people with long-term conditions reviewed for this evaluation, there was:

  • 14.85 point average increase in their PAM scare (1-100 scale)
  • 20% reduction in average frequency of clinical appointments at the GP surgery

These are the headlines. The two executive summaries from the two phases of evaluation and the full reports are attached. We'd be really happy to chat further with you about the impact of these, further dissemination and how these findings might support your work. 

Please contact Anya de Iongh/Naomi Unwin (anya.deiongh@helpandcare.org.uk or naomi.unwin@helpandcare.org.uk) to discuss futher. 

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