Help & Care secure highest standard for health & wellbeing coaching training

Help & Care’s Collaboration with CEmPaC and the Dorset Primary Care Training Hub has received accreditation by the Personalised Care Institute


We are delighted to announce that Help & Care, CEmPaC and the Dorset Primary Care Training Hub have received accreditation by the Personalised Care Institute (PCI). Working in partnership together, we are using our expertise to deliver training programmes for health and care professionals in Dorset. 

Both training courses on offer; Introduction to Practice’ and ‘Health & Wellbeing Coach Training’ have been assessed against the PCI’s rigorous quality assurance & accreditation framework, which means you can be assured that they meet the very highest standards of training. 

The PCI is a virtual organisation for evidence-based personalised care training, setting standards for evidence-based training, offering workers from across health and care sectors access to accredited personalised care training and development. 

We are excited to be working together to deliver this training, and enabling people & communities to live the lives they choose. 

Mark Sharman, CEO at Help & Care shares his thoughts: 

 This is an exciting step forward for the Dorset system and beyond, ensuring that health and care staff have access to high quality evidence-based training in line with commitments in the Long-Term Plan for the NHS  

Jim Phillips, of CEmPaC, adds: 

I am delighted to see the training formally accredited by the Personalised Care Institute UK after many years of development and evaluation 

Steve Aylwin, Head of Workforce Transformation and Digital Workforce, Dorset Primary Care Training Hub lead says: 

We are all looking forward to working with colleagues across Dorset to better understand and meet your needs in the coming weeks and months as we start to roll out the accredited offer 

The PCI reports that ‘40% of patients say they would like to be more involved in decisions about the management of their healthcare’. This accreditation acts as the official stamp of approval on our training courses for health professionals. We can now offer dedicated training to health & care professionals, which in turn improves the health and quality of life for patients. 

Dorset based GP, Dr Simone Yule share’s her thoughts: 

As a GP, I see the value every day of patients making informed decisions about their health care following a personalised conversation about ‘what matters to them most to them’. Having a multi-disciplinary clinical and non-clinical workforce engaging with patients in this way, will enhance patient experience, support informed decision making and self-care resulting in better health outcomes -  (Dr Simone Yule, Clinical Director for The Vale Network PCN)

If you are a health and care professional and interested in finding out more about our courses on offer, visit us here or call us on 0300 111 3303.

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