Help & Care talk sustainability: #FollowTheMoney

'The primary reason we chose to work with Charity Bank is because of its social values'

At Help & Care, we are always thinking about the importance of 'Sustainability'.

We offer support and services to help people live the lives they choose.  As we continue to grow, sustainability is consistantly at the forefront of our minds.

We are always thinking of ways we can expand as a charity and extend our impact, and for us, ethical investment is incredibly important - enter Charity Bank.

We are pleased to have been part of Charity Banks latest campaign - #FollowTheMoney.  As a long standing customer of Charity Bank, they recently visited us to explore how we use our money to support our local community. 




Our CEO, Mark Sharman shares how our ethical investment has allowed us to expand and extend our impact


As we've grown, there have been periods of rapid expansion and we've taken out two loans with Charity Bank to help us invest in our changing infrastructure. The loans have been absolutely crucial in enabling us to grow and continue doing great things for people. They have allowed us to become a sustainable business, which in turn has offered the stability needed to maintain and expand our services. The primary reason we chose to work with Charity Bank was because of its social values. As a charity, we're really keen to make sure we trade with people who share our ethos of doing good."


At Help & Care we are proud to be associated with Charity Bank, we are proud to contribute to a sustainablle and ongoing impact that will really help change lives.


I would encourage people to think about the opportunity that ethical banks offer to have a long-lasting and meaningful impact on communities. When saving or investing with Charity Bank, you not only get a return for yourself and your loved ones but also for the wider community."

Mark Sharman, CEO Help & Care


Many thanks to Charity Bank, from the Help & Care team for their ongoing support.




Newspeice adapted from original article written by Freelance Copywriter Leah Williams

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