Making Caring Visible and Valued

Help & Care have been supporting carers for over 30 years! And on ‘Carers Week’ we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the fantastic work just one of our (range of) services undertakes to support Carers and their families - Dementia Coordinator Service.

Many people living with Dementia and their Carers feel that having support along their journey will maximise independent living and prevent a crisis. At Help & Care, we are committed to supporting you to live well with Dementia.


Jane’s mum needed support…

Jane’s mother, who had a Dementia diagnosis, was admitted to hospital with a fractured hip due to a fall. Being in hospital, Jane could see a ‘significant deterioration’ in her mother and called Sarah at Help & Care’s Dementia Co-ordinator Service for support.

As a Dementia Coordinator, Sarah is available to support people with a Dementia diagnosis and their carers. Both Jane and her Mum had benefitted with practical and emotional support, as they adjusted to living with Dementia in the family and now needed further input.

Jane explained that her mother was finding it difficult being in hospital and was becoming distressed and disorientated. She was not eating properly.

Sarah used her specialist knowledge and experience to explain how pain, stress and changes of environment may be impacting on Jane’s Mum and explored options to help reduce some of the distress.

Sarah suggested bringing familiar things from home to the hospital might bring some comfort, which might also include favourite food and snacks.

Sarah contacted the Dementia and Delirium Nurse at the hospital to share Jane’s feelings and observations and to get some further insight and support.

This resulted in a referral to a Specialist Dementia Nurse who liaised with the ward.

The ward enabled extended visiting hours for Jane to assist with her mother’s care, including eating and drinking while having a familiar person to talk to. Jane brought photo’s and her favourite cake to help ease her mother’s anxiety during her stay.

In supporting with a proactive and coordinated approach, Sarah alleviated some of the challenges the family were facing, enabling Jane to have the time to focus on her Mums direct care needs.


If you If you or a loved one would like to speak to The Dementia Coordinator Service at Help & Care, you can find out more information here, or you can call us on 0300 123 1916 and find out how we can best support you.



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