People with long-term health conditions offered new online service

A new FREE online service is being offered to people in Dorset who have long-term health conditions.

The programme from My Health My Way, a personalised support service delivered by Bournemouth-based charity Help & Care, aims to help those living with a health condition develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to tackle symptoms such as immobility, breathlessness, anxiety or daily pain.

The online service will allow users to take a wellbeing snapshot to see how they are doing, provide tools to set goals and monitor their progress, as well as enable them to keep track of their weight, mood and exercise levels.

There’s also the option of working through a six week online course with handy tips to manage symptoms and people can share their experiences with others in an online forum.

For many people it takes a while to accept the fact that with a long term health condition there is no cure. However the NHS now recognises that many people need support in adapting their lives and managing issues such as pain, fatigue and for many people with long term illness feelings of not coping and loss of interest in life . My Health My Way provides that support.

Jim Phillips, Service Manager, My Health My Way

As well as offering online support, My Health My Way also has a team of coaches that offer personalised support in the way of face-to-face meetings, group sessions and telephone support to people living with health conditions and their carers.

If you would like to register for the online service email with your name and contact details and we will email you your unique code, or alternatively call 0303 303 0153.

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