Social Prescribing at Help & Care

 What is Social Prescribing and how does it support people to live a life they choose?

Keeping healthy and feeling well often requires us to feel confident in ourselves and connected to our local community.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to know what’s available and how to connect to it. Social Prescribing is a way that we can link up with GPs and the wider NHS to achieve this.

On 9th March 2023, we will be hosting two events in Dorset, for anyone to find out more about options available.

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Social Prescribing at Help & Care | News

18th March, 2021

Understandably it is quite difficult to celebrate anything in the current circumstances, howeverdespite the challenges we have all faced over the last year during the COVID19 Pandemic, there are things to celebrate.   

There have been so many heroic acts of kindness that slip under the radar incredible stories of communities pulling together to support each other in their physical, mental and emotional health during these difficult times.  We wanted to take this opportunity to share some positive storiescelebrating the incredible work of social prescribers and highlight the power of working together within the community. 

One of our Self-Management Coach’s, Emily shares her experience of supporting a client: 

When we first spoke, Tracy was very tearful, low in mood and suffering with PTSD following a car accident several years before – things had gone downhill for her since then. She was extremely anxious about a court hearing regarding this accident, not going out often, terrified of being in a car and could not see a way forwards.  Tracy was however determined to make some changes and wanted support to look at how to do this. 

When we finished working together she said that ‘everything was basically perfect’.  We had worked on little steps to prepare for the hearing and worked slowly on building up her confidence when it came to car journeys in a slow and measured way.  Tracy startehorse riding again, socialising with other horse riders at the stables and cycling regularly to get there.  She was engaging more with her family and eating more healthily as a result of all the other things that had started to go well for her.  When we last spoke on the phone it was like talking to a different person.

(The name of the client has been changed for confidentiality purposes) 


Lady on phone receiving support


 Our Director of Services, Des Persse shares his thoughts on the value of Social Prescribing: 

People connecting with their communities can be a powerful dynamic for wellbeing. And very often it’s the missing link in someone’s recovery plan.   At Help & Care we support the work of clinicians and professionals across health & social care, by providing the community connections for people, that can lead to good health and feeling supported.   I am delighted to have the opportunity to give a shout-out to our hard-working staff who are tenacious in their efforts to provide great outcomes for people. We are very proud of you all.


Our team have been very busy supporting clients, it’s clear that there is great value in Social Prescribing for the community.

If you think you could benefit from a conversation with one of our non-clinical team, please contact The Dorset Self-Management Service today and find out how we can help you or call us at 0303 303 0153.


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