To self-refer

Health coaching is available for anyone over the age of 18, who lives in Dorset, Poole or Bournemouth, or is registered with a GP in Dorset, Poole or Bournemouth and needs support to help them feel more confident about managing their health.   

To receive health coaching, please contact us via phone or email:

0303 303 0153  

If emailing, please provide further contact details and if you are happy for us to leave a message.  

How does it work?

One of our team will then contact you within two working days, to chat about how things are for you at the moment and how health coaching might work. If health coaching is appropriate, you will be assigned to one of our coaches, who will make contact with you within two weeks to further discuss coaching with you, and book you in for coaching sessions.  

These sessions can be either over the phone or face to face in local NHS and community venues, or a combination of the two.  Our coaches are non-clinical, so don't prescribe particular treatments or medication. The coaching conversation focus on what you can do as an individual, (i.e. our coaches do not act on your behalf like an advocate would), to move forwards (i.e. not revisiting past childhood experiences or previous event such as in some forms of counselling). 

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