Community Nursing Team, and Pharmacies


Community Nursing Team

The Community Nursing Team and District Nurses can provide information, advice and training on various aspects of caring for someone: general skin care and turning, medicines, dressings, continence, catheter care, and provision of equipment. District Nurses provide high quality skilled nursing assessment, care, and advice and health promotion to people who cannot reasonably leave their own homes. They are on duty 7 days a week and their services are available to patients who:

  • Are unable to travel to the surgery/hospital due to serious illness or disability
  • Are recovering from surgery and are unable to travel
  • Have undergone chemotherapy/radiotherapy (or other treatments) and travel would be detrimental to their recovery.
  • Require treatment it would be inappropriate to carry out in the surgery e.g.: bowel care.

 Evening and night-time district nursing is covered by the Community Night and Twilight Nursing Service and is based on assessment.  Access to community nursing teams is via your GP.  Information also available via .



The Pharmacist at your local chemist is a trained professional qualified to advise on all aspects of medication.  Your local pharmacy may be able to help you in your caring role by:

  • Collecting repeat prescriptions for the person you care for from their GP surgery, arranging delivery to their home or to your home if requested, or enabling you to collect the prescription from the pharmacy when convenient.
  • Giving advice on the side effects of medicine, the best time to take them and how they should be stored.
  • Giving advice and information on your own health or medical concerns.

You can also arrange for repeat prescriptions online, for further information go to .






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