Condition specific support and advice

Back care


Monkey Puzzle House

69 -71 Windmill Road


TW16 7DT

Tel: 0208 977 5474


Backcare is an independent national charity that helps people manage and prevent back pain by

  • Providing evidence-based information
  • Promoting best practice in the prevention and management of back pain
  • On-line shop for books and equipment.
  • Find a practitioner.


Cancer support

Dorset Macmillan Advocacy

Support for older people affected by cancer, help to make informed decisions and choices about treatment and care. Call 0300 012 0256 for further information and referrals or visit

Services are available from:

Dorset Macmillan Advocacy

13 – 15 Jubilee Court

Paceycombe Way




Help & Care Head Office

The Pokesdown Centre

896 Christchurch Road




MacMillan Cancer Support

89 Albert Embankment



Tel: 0808 808 0000 – Helpline open Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm.  (email within website)

Information, advice, support on all aspects of caring for someone with cancer.

Continence advice

Continence service

Over 6 million people in this country suffer from urinary incontinence. It has been described as the thief of dignity and it can be a very distressing and embarrassing complaint.  A high percentage of people with this problem can be helped given time and patience.  If it cannot be cured, it may be easily managed.  The District Nurse at your local GP Surgery can give information and advice about incontinence problems including details of incontinence laundry services in your area.

The following continence services offer confidential advice to people with an incontinence problem and their carers. Contact the Continence Nurse Specialist:

Bournemouth, Poole, East Dorset & Purbeck areas:

Continence Advice Service

11 Shelley Road



Tel: 01202 443111 or 01202 303400 (switchboard)


North and West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland areas:

Continence Advisory Service

Atrium Health Centre

No.7 Weymouth Avenue



Tel: 01305 259978

Opening hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm – Monday – Friday.


Further advice available from:

The Bladder & Bowel Community

7 The Court, Holywell Business Park

Northfield Road


CV47 0FS

Tel: 01926 357220 (general enquiries)

Medical Helpline: 0800 031 5412


The UK’s leading charity providing information and support for people with bladder and bowel disorders, their carers, families and healthcare professionals.


Stoma therapy

Stoma Therapists are employed by the NHS to give specialist advice and help to those with a stoma and their carers.  For advice and information contact:

Stoma Therapists

Stoma Care Dept, Derwent Building


Castle Lane East



Tel: 01202 704813 – direct line.


Area covered: Bournemouth, Christchurch, East Dorset


Stoma Therapists

Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Longfleet Road


BH15 2JB

Tel: 01202 448199


Area covered: Poole only


Stoma Therapists

Stoma Care Dept


Williams Avenue



Tel: 01305 255152

Area covered: Wareham in the east to Lyme Regis in the west, Gillingham to the north and Portland to the south.


Diabetes advice

If you think you or the person you care for may be suffering from Diabetes you should visit your GP who will be able to make a diagnosis or refer you for the necessary tests. Many GP surgeries run clinics for those who have been diagnosed with Diabetes to enable patients to monitor and receive information about their condition.  Your GP may also refer you to the Diabetes Clinic at a local hospital where Diabetes Nurse Specialists are available to offer information, advice and training to people with diabetes and their carers.

For areas Bournemouth, Christchurch and some of East Dorset.

Diabetes Nurse Specialist

Bournemouth Diabetes & Endocrine Centre (BDEC)


Castle Lane East



Tel: 01202 704400 – BDEC Reception

       01202 704888 – Nurse Specialist Reception

       01202 704126 – Image Clinic

       01202 704929 – Dietician

       01202 704811 - Podiatrist

Email:  - general enquiries

  – for pump supplies and appointment queries.


For areas Poole, some of East Dorset, Wareham and Swanage

Diabetes Nurse Specialist

Diabetes Centre – Philip Arnold Unit


Longfleet Road


BH15 2JB

Tel: 01202 448063 - Nurse specialist and all services


For areas in North and West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland

Diabetes Centre

Dorset County Hospital

50 Bridport Road




Tel: 01305 255130 – Reception and appointments

       01305 255738 – Secretary

       01305 255342 – Nurse specialists

       01305 255211 -  Dietician


Diabetes UK (South West)

Victoria House

Victoria Street



Tel: 01823 448 260

UK Helpline: 0345 123 2399


Information and advice about Diabetes, access to local support groups.


Dietary advice

For advice on diet and nutrition ask your GP who will be able to advise you about how to adjust your diet to suit your health condition or if necessary refer you to a dietician.  Clinics are held across the region .

Your GP can also make a short-term referral to local slimming groups such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers, or refer you to a local gym if obesity is an issue.

Mental health

Community Mental Health Nurses are trained to help people experiencing mental health problems e.g. Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, Anorexia Nervosa, Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of Dementia.  They provide information, advice, treatment and support in your home, whether the person you care for is experiencing problems or if you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed.  Some carers find that they begin to suffer from agoraphobia or other stress-related conditions while caring.  Your GP, District Nurse, Health Visitor, or Social Worker will be able to refer you to a Community Mental Health Nurse. Further information is available at:  for adults of all ages. 

for older people services.


Sensory Loss advice

The Sensory Loss Service/Sight and Hearing Team aim to provide specialist services to individuals in their own home and their carers.  Information, advice and training is available for carers who are looking after someone with sight or hearing difficulties.  For further information visit: . Alternatively contact your local Adult Social Care Team at:

Bournemouth Caredirect – 01202 454979

Poole Helpdesk: 01202 633902  

Dorset Direct: 01305 221016


Stroke Advice

Stroke Association

Stroke Association provides information about Stroke to the Stroke sufferer and their families via information packs and through a telephone helpline. They are also able to provide details of local Stroke support groups.  For further information contact:

Stroke Information Service

Stroke Assoc, Life after Stroke Centre

Church Lane



B61 8RA

Helpline: 0303 3033 100



Other information resources

Health Information & Resource Centre

PooleHospital Trust

Longfleet Road



BH15 2JB

Tel: 01202 448003


Information leaflets, booklets, reference books covering a wide range of illnesses, treatments, and situations.  Audio and video tapes, access to Internet, access to medical journals and research articles (via Poole Hospital Trust’s Postgraduate Library), databases of local and national organisations offering various kinds of practical help and support. Open Monday – Friday 9.30am – 4pm.


St John Ambulance

The St John Ambulance Service run First Aid, and Manual Handling courses that may be of use to Carers. Most are run at local venues across Dorset. For further information contact 0844 770 4800 or go online at to book.

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