Arranging services

Arranging services if you have eligible needs

If you have eligible needs, the local authority will agree with you how your needs will be met. This is called ‘care and support planning’. 

At the start of care and support planning, you must be given information about your ‘personal budget’.  This is the money that the local authority think it will need to spend to
meet your assessed needs.  The final amount of your ‘personal budget’ should be confirmed through the care and support planning process.

The Adult Social Care Team will support you to develop a written care plan which sets out the help you need.  They may provide the services themselves or they may ask other private or voluntary organisations to provide the service to the agreed standards. 

Services like homecare, day care or residential care can be arranged for you by the Adult Social Care Team.  Alternatively you may prefer to organise some or all of your care yourself.

If you chose to organise some or all of your care yourself the local authority will give you your ‘personal budget’ to spend on the services that you think will make the most impact on the quality of your life.  This payment given to you is called a ‘direct payment’. 

Once you have decided what services you want to purchase, your plan will need to be agreed by Adult Social Care.

If you need help to put together your support plan you can contact your local authority (see "Futher information and contact details" section). 


Arranging services if you do not have eligible needs

If you do not have eligible needs and/or you have savings above the ‘Capital Limit’ you will need to organise and fund your own care and support.

You will need to think about what you would like to change about your life, what you need help with and who you want to provide this help. 

You will also need information about the range of services that are available to you and the cost, so you know what your options are and what you can afford.

In accordance with the Care Act, if you have had a care needs assessment but do not have eligible needs the Adult Social Care Team must give you advice and information on how you can reduce or delay your needs in the future.  This should be personal and specific advice based on your assessment e.g. what care and support is available to you in the community, how you can access it and where to get independent financial advice.  Your local authority may also assist you with care and support planning but could charge you for this service.

For further information about services available in your home please see Help & Care Factsheet - Care at Home. 

If you need assistance to organise and fund your own care and support please contact Help & Care who will be able to advise you of the organisations in your area who may be able to assist you through this process (see "Further information and contact details" section). 

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