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Completing the claim form, and circumstances affecting your claim

Completing the claim form

The claim form for AA is long and can be quite daunting.  There are three sections:

  • Section One – asks for your personal details and other basic information.

  • Section Two – asks about how your health condition affects your everyday life.  There are a large number of questions asking about how you manage your personal activities such as washing yourself, dressing, reading, or taking medication.

  • Section Three – asks about the help you need with social or leisure activities.

The claim pack is based on self-assessment. Copies of the claim pack are available on line at http://www.dwp.gov.uk/eservice/ or a copy can be sent to you by post (form AA1A) by contacting the Attendance Allowance Helpline listed below under "Further information and contact details (AA)".

Processing your claim

AA can be backdated to the date of your claim.  This is usually to the date that your form was received or the date you called the enquiry line (if you return your claim pack within 6 weeks of that date).  The normal time period to process your claim is 40 working days. Claims can be processed quicker if you are terminally ill.

Special Rules – if you are terminally ill

Claimants who are not expected to live more than six months are able to make a claim under “Special Rules” so that you are able to get AA more quickly. To do this you must:

  • Complete the AA form

  • Include a DS1500 form – you can only get these from a doctor, specialist, or consultant

Claims can be made on behalf of someone else without their permission if necessary.  The letter about money awarded will not mention “special rules”.

Change of circumstances

It is your responsibility to inform the DWP of any change in your circumstances that may affect your eligibility to claim and how much you may receive. For example you or the person you claim for may need more help, may go into hospital, or may move home or abroad.  Usually your AA will not be affected if you go:

  • Into hospital or a care home for less than 4 weeks

  • Abroad for less than 26 weeks

  • Abroad to get medical treatment for a condition which began before you left


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