Types of care home

When choosing a care home it is important to know what type of care home is suitable to meet your needs.  There are two types of care homes: ‘care homes without nursing’ and ‘care homes with nursing’.
 Care homes without nursing provide accommodation and personal care for people if they can no longer manage in their own home. This might include help with:

  • personal hygiene including help with washing and bathing

  • continence management including assistance with toileting and  skin care

  •  food and diet including preparation of food and assistance eating

  • simple treatments including assistance with medication and applications of simple dressings, lotions and creams

  •  personal assistance including help with dressing, getting up or going to bed

Care homes with nursing provide the same help and assistance with personal care as those without nursing care but they also have registered nurses and experienced care assistants who provide 24 hour nursing care services for more complex health needs that are identified by your doctor.  In addition to being registered to provide general nursing care, care homes with nursing may also offer specialist health services including, dementia care, EMI (elderly mentally infirm) nursing care and cancer care, palliative care.  These homes are for people who are very frail or who have numerous health care needs.

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