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Carers' Allowance

The purpose of this factsheet is to inform carers about Carers Allowance, affect on other benefits, how to claim and stay informed of changes that could affect a claim.

What is Carer’s Allowance?

Carers’ Allowance (CA) is the main state benefit paid to Carers.  If you care for someone with substantial caring needs it is important to find out if you can claim it.  You do not have to be related to, or live with the person you care for.  For April 2017/18, the basic level of CA is currently worth £62.70 per week. Carers’ Allowance is taxable if you have other sources of taxable income that take you over the tax threshold, and can also affect your other benefits.

You must be caring for someone for 35 hours per week or more, your caring role may be during the day or at night. If you care for more than one person you cannot add together the hours you spend caring to equal 35 hours. You will need to decide which person you are going to claim for as you can only receive one payment of Carers’ Allowance.

If you share your caring role with another person, and you both provide 35 hours of care per week for one individual you will need to decide who is going to claim Carers Allowance. If your shared caring role involves caring for more than one person then you need to decide which one of you is going to claim for which cared for person, so long as all parties involved meet the criteria for claiming CA.


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