Audiology services for adults with learning disabilities

Adult with learning disabilities require a specialised service designed to meet their individual needs.

The Audiology Dept - Boscombe Clinic run a clinic specifically for adults with learning disabilities where a wide range of Audiology services are available. The hearing impaired patient can be fitted with the latest digital technology available on the NHS.

There are follow-up appointments, access to repair sessions, and regularly arranged reviews.

The clinic is run on a weekly basis and led by a senior audiologist and a specially trained assistant who will help the patient get used to the procedures.

The clinic aims to offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to help instil confidence and trust.

Referrals are received from GPs, other health professionals, social services, carers and families.

There are involvements with ENT, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Care, and other agencies from within the community.

Onward referrals, if required, form part of the assessment process. Easi-read information and literature with graphics is available as standard to help the patient feel involved in their care and understand the process.

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