Being registered with a hearing impairment

You do not have to be registered to be eligible for services, registration does not automatically mean that you qualify for services. For further information contact your local Sight and Hearing Team (see below).

 Registration is voluntary and may entitle you to a range of concessions:

• VAT exemption to buy necessary equipment

• Discounts for leisure activities

• Discounted travel on public transport


Sight & Hearing Teams – Social Services

Your local Adult Social Services will have a Sight & Hearing Team and they can help you with support and information. Contact the following numbers:

Bournemouth: - Care Direct 01202 454979
Poole Helpdesk: - 
Tel: 01202 633902
Fax: 01202 633634
Minicom: 01202 633630

Services available include:
• Practical advice about how to manage in your own home

• Information about specialist equipment to help you with day to day living

• Registration of hearing impaired people where appropriate

• Access to support groups

• Details of local and national voluntary agencies who also offer advice and support

Bournemouth & Poole Sight and Hearing Services

The Bournemouth Sight and Hearing Team assist people who have serious difficulties with their sight, hearing or both. The team have specialist skills and knowledge and are able to offer practical advice on managing at home, communication skills, and employment. Training is also offered on mobility issues to help you get about safely and confidently, cooking and budgeting workshops, how to register as hearing impaired, information on specialist equipment. The team will carry out an assessment of your hearing needs and help you access a range of services and equipment.

Residents of Bournemouth are able to try out equipment to suit their needs at:

Bournemouth Society for the Visually Impaired (BSVI)

5 Victoria Park Road
Tel: 01202 522184

The Resource Centre is open Monday – Thursday 10am – 12 noon. Equipment is available for you to try and then purchase. A visit to the BSVI may help prevent or postpone a further deterioration in your condition, resulting in a referral to the Sight and Hearing Team.


The Poole Sight and Hearing Team provide services for people with hearing loss in Poole, both children and adults. The Sight and Hearing Team specialists provide advice and assistance to help you make adjustments so that you can cope more easily. The team work closely with the Audiology Clinic in Shelley Rd Boscombe. 
The team can help you by carrying out an assessment of your needs looking at safety in the home, your mobility, communication needs, listening to your experiences and concerns, offering practical and emotional support. They can then offer you support and advice, equipment, mobility training, advice about benefits, information about support groups, advice about daily living skills, liaising with other professionals on your behalf or advising you who to contact. Support and advice about equipment is also available via:

Dorset Blind Assoc
17 Bournemouth Road
Lower Parkstone
Tel: 01202 712860

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