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Emergency telephone alarms 

What are they?

A service that you can use to receive help in an emergency, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

How do they work?

In two ways:
• By having your telephone adapted

• By wearing a pendant or bracelet that acts as an alarm button.

In times of need you can press the panic button on either the telephone or the pendant. This will alert workers at your control centre. They will know who you are because your details will automatically be called up by their computer.

What sort of details does this computer store?

Information such as your name, address and the people you have nominated to be contacted at such times. Your doctor and 999 services can be contacted on your behalf.

Who can use a Careline?

Older people and those who are physically disabled, frail or housebound are eligible to use either kind of system.

What effect will the emergency careline have on my telephone?

Very little. You still pay your bill in the same way, the price isn’t affected. In fact there are a few added benefits, for example:
• You can answer the phone by pressing your pendant, instead of having to get up or rush

• The receiver has a volume control which can be adjusted to suit the level you want

• There is push button dialling for ease of use

How much will they cost?

You are able to either rent or buy the equipment and service.

Local services available

Medvivo Careline (cover whole of Dorset)

Unit 4, Poundbury Business Centre
Email: careline@medvivo.com
Tel: 01305 755800

Designed to help people to continue to live independently in their own homes the Lifeline Alarm connection comes with a radio trigger (pendant). An alarm call can be raised by pressing the radio trigger or the large red button on the base of the unit. The Lifeline Alarm unit provides 24hr monitoring, 365 days of the year. Repairs and maintenance of the equipment is also included in the price and an advisor will resolve any equipment issue at your home within 48hrs of being notified. There are two payment options:

• Purchase Lifeline for £232.18 plus VAT, and pay a monthly monitoring fee of £7.66 plus VAT. An additional emergency pendant (for 2 individuals requiring the service) costs £63.83 plus VAT. A fee of £35 plus VAT is charged for installation, and will also be charged for removal of the equipment should you wish to have it removed.

• Rent Lifeline for £18.99 a month plus VAT, this includes the Lifeline Alarm unit and one pendant. An additional pendant (for 2 individuals requiring the service) is £3.60 plus VAT per month.

You are exempt from VAT if you declare that you are chronically sick or disabled.


Synergy Housing - Purbeck (Available in North Dorset and the Purbeck Area)

Tel: 01929 558455 or 0456014322

Service: rental, 24 hours a day monitoring and installation. Home visits are available to demonstrate equipment without obligation.
• Monthly (excluding VAT): £17.50

• Monthly (including VAT): £21.00

• Quarterly (excluding VAT): £52.50

• Quarterly (including VAT): £63.00


Telecare in Dorset

Telecare is a telephone based service which can assist a person of any age to feel safer and more supported in their own home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Telecare sensors designed to detect potential dangers can be located around the house and provide direct communication with a monitoring centre if help is required.

How can I get Telecare?

Telecare equipment may be provided under Dorset County Council Adult and Community Services eligibility criteria following assessment. To request an assessment either for yourself or on behalf of someone else, you will need to telephone or call into your local social care office and ask to speak to the Client Reception Officer. If you are unsure of the contact details of your local social services office please call 01305 251000 or contact
their website on www.dorsetforyou.com


National Careline schemes

AGE UK – Personal Alarm

Tel: 0800 011 3846 lines open 8am – 8pm Monday to Saturday for ordering, or buy online

The Age UK Personal Alarm Service gives users the freedom to live independently in their own homes, safe in the knowledge that if there is an accident or they have a fall, they can get help quickly. The lightweight alarm can be worn as a pendant or wristband and works in the home or garden. The alarm unit is:

• Quick and easy to install, by the user, a friend or relative, or one of our team of local installers.

• To connect to the emergency response centre you just need to press the button on your pendant or wristband.

• Calls are answered in seconds – 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

• The response team will automatically know who and where you are, and whether to inform your chosen contacts or the emergency services.

• The Age UK Personal Alarm is a rental system. You pay a one-off initial cost and then an ongoing fee. There are a range of payment options to suit your needs.

You are exempt from VAT if you declare that you are chronically sick or disabled.


Seniorlink Eldercare – immediate response service

847 Burnley Road
Tel: 0845 603 4576
Fax: 01706 222275
Email: seniorlink@eldercare.co.uk

Seniorlink is a response service provided by Help the Aged, enabling you to stay in your own home safe in the knowledge that there is always someone there for you. Using your telephone line, it links you to the highly trained staff at a 24hr Response Centre every day
of the year. The Seniorlink service comprises a Response Unit, pendant or wrist strap, together with monitoring and maintenance. Two nominated keyholders are required.

Payment Options:
Option 1 – Buying Option of equipment £157.00 Quarterly monitoring charge £21.20

Option 2 - Leasing – one off admin charge of £39.99 Quarterly monitoring charge £34.99

Both options are subject to VAT where applicable.

Just Checking System – online monitoring

The Mill
Brome Hall Lane
B94 5RB
Tel: 01564 785100
Fax: 08700 117508
Email: support@justchecking.co.uk

Just Checking is an information system to support the care of people with dementia, or adults with learning difficulties, living in their own home. Movement sensors placed around the home build a graph of activity which can be viewed via a password protected website.

The Just Checking System provides a picture of the daily activity of a person in their own home, by monitoring and logging movement around the house. It can be used to ‘ just check’ that someone is following their normal pattern of life without intruding on them or undermining their independence.

The Just Checking system can be used by:

• People who are forgetful, with or without any formal diagnosis

• People who have an acquired brain injury

• People who have a learning disability

• People who have some form a cognitive impairment that are not able to give full history or may not have full insight/awareness.

The Carer kit includes 4 movement sensors, 2 door sensors and a controller which receives data from the sensors and uploads it to a web-server via an integral mobile phone unit. The controller is plugged into a mains power socket and can be sited almost anywhere in the house. The equipment is completely independent of a service user’s telephone line. Data is uploaded frequently so that the system is virtually real time. Sensors are radio based and require no wiring. The web-service provides password protected access to activity charts for authorised carers (usually members of the family) to be able view and assess the cared for persons movements and alert them to any falls or wandering episodes so that care can be adjusted if necessary.

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