Shopping from home

The internet has made it a lot easier to shop for all our shopping needs online. National and local businesses can provide goods at the click of a button. Below are listed the websites for the main larger supermarkets and other online or telephone order grocery providers able to deliver goods to your door. Delivery details for ordering groceries and smaller household items may be different to ordering other items such as clothes, furniture, electrical items, and white goods so check this before you order. The list below also gives details of what type of in-store assistance you can expect from store staff.


Aldi - - Online shopping limited to pet food, special buys, and wines. Range of delivery slots according to product. Shopping assistance is available instore if requested, however there are no mobility scooters or wheelchairs provided and at present no instore public toilets available. For further information call Customer Services on 0800 042 0800 (freephone).


ASDA for general shopping including groceries, for groceries only.

Check online or instore for delivery availability in your area.  Minimum order online is £25 with delivery charges from £1 - £6 depending on the day of the week and distance.  A range of “Delivery Passes” are available online for minimum orders of £40 for regular shoppers enabling you to pick your delivery time and save money. Delivery driver will carry shopping into your home if you have a disability.

Instore assistance is available if requested, and mobility scooters are available at all stores except Gillingham where only wheelchairs are available. Public toilets are available in all branches except Canford Heath. Click&Collect for items ordered online is also available.


Co-op - - no online shopping service available but useful for price comparison. Co-op do offer an instore home delivery service with a minimum order of £25. Check whether this service operates in your area by asking at your local store. You will need to register with the store, do your shop, then they will pack and deliver it for you. Shopping assistance is available instore if requested, there are no mobility scooters but wheelchairs are available in most stores.


Find me a milkman -   - A website where you enter your postcode and the site will search for a local milkman for deliveries of milk and other daily essentials.


Iceland  - free next day delivery, minimum order £35. Check online that delivery is available in your area. Delivery driver will only deliver to the property not into the house.

Shopping assistance is available instore on request but only when staff are available so you may have to wait for assistance. There are no mobility scooters or wheelchairs available in the stores, and no public toilets available.


Milk and More -   - online ordering until 9pm for following day delivery. Tel: 0345 6063606 – order line, lines open Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm including Bank Holidays, closed at weekends, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.

Local milkman able to deliver a variety of dairy and grocery products, lunch box essentials, cereals, juices, household products, organic produce and much more direct to your door.  We can deliver your milk in glass bottles and over half the vehicles are electric powered so milk&more is very environmentally friendly. Please state your postcode when calling or enter it on-line to confirm that we can deliver to your area.


Montanas Online Store –  - a locally based online store that delivers food and groceries throughout Dorset and Hampshire.  Minimum order is £5, free same day delivery for orders received before 7pm.  You will be contacted to arrange a convenient time for delivery.  Orders can also be placed over the telephone.


Morrison’s - no online service currently available in the South and South West of England but website is useful for price comparison. Shopping assistance is available instore if requested. Electric scooters are available but require a short training course before use. Public toilets only available at the Bridport and Weymouth stores.


M&S (Marks and Spencer) – no online delivery service for food. Click&Collect for pre-prepared food and catered events only. Shopping assistance available instore if requested, manual wheelchairs available. Public toilets at Bournemouth, Castle Point, and Weymouth stores.


Oakhouse . Deliver groceries alongside their frozen meals service. Delivery only costs £1 and is free for all orders worth £30 or more. For regular customers every effort is made to ensure that your order is delivered at the same time each week by the same driver.  The delivery driver will put the food away in your freezer and cupboards if requested, will help you fill out order forms for further deliveries, and will pass the order forms to your local branch. A Drop and Go service is also available whereby your order can be delivered in a cool box, if for any reason you are out when the driver calls. Please inform the office if you know you are likely to be out when the driver calls so Drop and Go can be set up, alternatively they can leave your order with a trusted neighbour or relative. Order online or contact 0333 370 6700 for help, information and advice, local branch contact is 01202 814179.


Ocado  an online supermarket that can source items from several suppliers and deliver to your home. Ocado may be able to source items that are not generally in main stream supermarkets particularly for special dietary requirements such as Gluten Free and other Free From foods.


Sainsbury’s for general shopping and groceries.

Orders can also be placed by telephone via Sainsbury’s ‘Direct to You’ - Call 0800 917 8557 to place an order, available 8am – 11pm (order must be placed or amended by 11pm).

There is a set delivery fee of £7 for orders up to £40, orders over £40 are charged by the delivery slot selected. Orders over £100 delivered Monday – Thursday are free of delivery charge if ordered before 2pm.

Payment by credit or debit card when ordering, you can use your Nectar card for points if you wish. Bulk orders of single items i.e.: 12 x 1 branded item will require 7 days’ notice. Once placed the orders are forwarded to stores locally who will deliver to you. The delivery driver will bring your shopping into your home by request.

Click&Collect service available for orders of £20 and over, you order on line, they pack the items for you to collect later.

Shopping assistance is available instore, mobility scooters are available in most stores locally except Wareham. All stores have public toilets available.

Tesco for general shopping and groceries. Check online to see if they deliver in your area, minimum basket charge of £4 will be added to orders under £40. Delivery charges range depending on delivery slot, and size of order. Delivery Saver option for monthly subscription fee of £3.49. The delivery driver will bring the shopping into your home if requested. Click&Collect is available with a minimum order of £25.

Shopping assistance is available instore if requested. Check with your local store for availability of mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Public toilets available in all local stores except Ferndown.


Waitrose   for general shopping and groceries.

Check online that they deliver in your area, minimum order £60 – free delivery. Click&Collect is available for minimum orders of £40.

Most of the larger stores provide instore assistance if requested, packing and carry-to-car service, wheelchairs and mobility scooters are available, check with your local store whether they offer these facilities.  Larger stores also offer the chance to hire a cycle trailer free of charge to cyclists who wish transport their shopping home.


Stay safe while shopping and banking online

Shopping or banking online can be a very quick, efficient, and advantageous way of shopping or managing your finances, with many companies and banks offering special deals or discounts to do just that.  However, it is important that you take precautions to protect your personal details, identity and your financial information. Below are listed a few pointers to remaining safe online:

  • Always use a secure website. The website address should begin with https://, the “s” shows that the website is a secure site. An address bar that is shaded green is another sign that the site is secure.
  • Check that there is a padlock symbol in the browser window.  A padlock that appears on the web page itself is not a sign that the site is secure and you may be scammed.
  • By clicking on the padlock symbol, you can check that the seller is who they say they are and that they have a current certificate registered to the right address. However, if you have any doubts about a site err on the side of caution as the padlock is not an absolute guarantee of safety and scammers can be very devious.
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