Disposing of unwanted items in Christchurch and East Dorset


Refuse Collection

Household refuse is collected weekly. The householder is responsible for ensuring that all refuse is bagged securely or in a suitable dustbin or wheelie bin. If you have a wheelie bin all refuse must be bagged before going into the wheelie bin, but all bags must be removed from the wheelie bin by the householder prior to collection and placed at the edge of the property for collection. This is because the dust cart does not have the necessary equipment to lift wheelie bins to be emptied.
If your refuse contains broken glass or ceramics this must be clearly marked ‘Broken Glass’ and well wrapped in suitable refuse sacks.Garden waste can be collected if it is placed in a Christchurch Borough Council green bag. Garden waste (36p) must be put in a brown council paper sack and placed at the kerbside on the day of your garden waste collection.

Kerbside recycling in Christchurch

Recycling collections are on a fortnightly basis. Items you can put in your box include:

• Newspapers/Magazines/ Junk mail

• Office/ Notepaper

• Unbroken glass bottles and jars ( all colours)

• Food tins and drink cans

• Household aerosols (polish, air freshener)

• Catalogues, telephone directories etc.

• Envelopes

Items you cannot put in the box:

• Plastics (including bottles, containers or bags).

• Drink or milk cartons

• Cardboard (including cereal boxes, cardboard packaging etc)

• Window, Pyrex or drinking glasses.

For further information or if your refuse bin or recycling bin has missed collection contact the ‘Missed Bin Hotline’ on: 01202 495000 or 01202 495062 email: enquiries@dorsetwastepartnership.gov.uk

Garden Waste – Christchurch

Garden waste to be recycled is not accepted by as part of the standard domestic collection service. Garden waste is accepted at:

Christchurch Household Recycling Centre

Wilverly Road
BH23 3RU

Opening hours: 1st April – 31st October 9am – 6pm
1st Nov – 31st March 9am – 5pm
Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day.

Here it is recycled into compost by Eco Composting.

Christchurch offers a charged Garden Waste service to every household. To use this service garden waste must be put in a brown council paper sack, which can be purchased for 36p each. For further details contact: 01202 495000.

Clinical waste

It is very unusual for householders to need to deal with clinical waste. Most households that are likely to produce clinical waste will have been advised of supporting collection services by their GP or local hospital. In general the following guidelines are in place:

• Sharps (eg. Needles) – local GPs have sharps boxes, as do local police stations. You should contact your local police station or GP directly.

• Nappies/incontinence pads – can be safely disposed of through the normal refuse collection service.

• Out of date medicines – should be returned to the local chemists for proper disposal.

• Other household clinical waste – contact your GP or local hospital for advice about collection. Contact Medical Transport Services on 01202 851322.

Bulky household waste

District and Borough Councils can arrange for collection of large or bulky items for disposal. This cannot include garden waste or builder’s rubble but can include:

• White goods

• Soft furnishings

• Other furniture

• Garage/ shed contents, garden furniture

There is usually a charge for this service, normally in the region of £30 - £50. Confirm with your local council by contacting:

Christchurch – 01202 495094

The goods need to be easily accessible to the contractors when they call to collect, either in the front garden or on a drive. The contractors will not remove items from inside the property, and do not do house or garage clearance. They will only collect items that have been indicated, when you called to arrange collection. Anything ‘added to the pile’ will remain uncollected.

East Dorset

Refuse Collection

Normal household waste is collected from properties in East Dorset in plastic or paper sacks. Your sacks should be left within easy reach at the front of your property within 3 metres of the roadside. Please leave sacks out by 7am on your normal day of collection. Refuse will be collected on all bank holidays (if they correspond with your normal collection day), except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

If you do not know your next collection day, call on 01202 886201.

Help collecting your refuse

If you are unable to carry your refuse out to the kerbside due to disability or you are elderly, and you are unable to find someone to help you, you can arrange to have your refuse collected from your door. Contact the council on 01202 886201 and ask about Assisted Collection, or email: contracts@eastdorset.gov.uk , website: www.dorsetforyou.com

Collection of large waste items

Bulky waste items can be collected from your home, (waste that will not fit in a black sack or weighing more than 25kg). A charge will be made for this service.

Recycling in East Dorset

Brown Bin

The Brown Bin scheme serves over 18,700 properties in the Verwood, St Leonard’s, St Ives, West Moors, Ashley Heath, Avon Castle, Southern Ferndown and West Parley. The waste is collected weekly (not bank holidays), items you can put into your brown bin include:

• Food waste

• Cardboard

• Garden waste

This waste is then taken to be turned into compost to be used by local gardeners, farmers, landscapers.

Green Bag and Box scheme

This kerbside recycling scheme is available to over 90% of the households in East Dorset. Residents are able to recycle newspapers, magazines, office paper, glass bottles & jars, cans and plastic bottles via ‘green bag’ and ‘collection boxes’ collected every fortnight.

There is no collection on Bank Holiday Mondays but there will be a collection the following Saturday instead. There are no collections on Good Friday. For further details contact:

Recycling Officer

Council Offices
BH21 4HN
Tel: 01202 886201
Email: contacts@eastdorset.gov.uk

Bulky Household Waste - East Dorset

In East Dorset bulky household waste is collected by the council. They will collect items such as:

• Fridges / freezers

• Washing machines

• Furniture

•Garage / shed contents (but not garden waste or builder’s rubble).

There is a charge for this collection service. For further details contact: 01202 886201
Email: contracts@eastdorset.gov.uk

Alternatively you can take your items to:

Wimborne Household Recycling Centre

Brook Road
BH21 2HH
Tel: 01305 225002

Opening times: 1st April – 31st October 9am – 6pm
1st November – 31st March 9am – 5pm
Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day.

White Goods

If you are having a new fridge, freezer, washing machine, or cooker delivered ask the company you are buying from if the delivery service will also take the old appliance away for disposal. If they are unable to do this then ask that they at least remove your old appliance into the front garden so that you can arrange for it to be collected.

Local organisations able to help recycle large items

British Heart Foundation

Furniture & Electrical Store
470 – 472 Wimborne Road
Tel: 08444 417 9468

Please donate any good quality furniture and electrical goods to help raise funds to fight heart and circulatory disease. Contact the number above to arrange free collection or book online at www.bhf.org.uk/collection . They also offer a house clearance service (charges may apply).

Dorset Lodge

10 Suffolk Road
Tel: 01202 317723

This organisation helps with the resettlement of prisoners and will take unwanted items and redistribute them.

Dorset Reclaim

85 Stanley Road
Tel: 01202 773384
Email: ray@dorsetreclaim.org.uk


3 Didcott Road
Nuffield Industrial Estate
Tel: 01202 679080 – (main) 01202 679350 – (Bulky Household Waste)
Email: george@dorsetreclaim.org.uk

Dorset Reclaim’s aim is to provide low cost furniture and electrical goods to people on benefits and local people on restricted incomes. Open Monday – Thursday 9.30am – 4.30pm and Friday 9.30am – 4pm, contact them if you have good quality items of furniture or white goods that you believe someone else could make good use of. Dorset Reclaim will arrange to come and assess and collect the goods. They will also remove any old electrical goods that are damaged or faulty for a nominal fee. They are also able to take good quality home making items such as carpets, curtains, crockery and cutlery. Area covered: whole of Dorset.

June Strawson Payne Trust

Contact: Lillian Jefferies
3 Twynham Ave
BH23 1QU
Tel: 01202 485978
Email: alicky@tiscali.co.uk
Part of the ‘Furniture Re-use Network’.

‘Keep Coming Back’

181 Seabourne Road
Tel: 07917 422117

‘Keep Coming Back’ is a relatively new organisation, our initial goal and primary aim is to provide recycled and restored basic furniture to vulnerable adults, while at the same time providing support with moving in and settling into a new home. ‘Keep Coming Back’ will furnish flats for £50. Please donate furniture, electrical goods, household goods and clothing.

Salvation Army – Christchurch

350 Lymington Road
BH23 5EY
Tel: 01425 275198

Charity shop accepts clothing and small items such as books, CDs, DVDs for resale (not furniture or electrical goods).


Salvation Army – Community

695 – 697 Christchurch Road
Tel: 01202 390485

Accepts donations of clothing, furniture for those in need. Do not take electrical goods and all soft furnishings must have a fire safe label attached.

Salvation Army – Winton

The Place Next Door
1 Latimer Road
Tel: 01202 517989

Accept donations of clothing and furniture for those in need. May be able to help with the removal of some larger items of furniture. Do not take electrical goods and all soft furnishings must have a fire safe label attached.

Clothes and Textiles

There are numerous charity shops that will accept clean old clothes, textiles, shoes, bric-a-brac, books, CDs, DVDs, etc. Look in your local Yellow Pages or along your High Street to see where they are located.


If you want to donate or recycle your old computer it is advisable to delete all the files on the hard-drive to prevent misuse of your details in the future. Contact the following organisations if you wish to recycle:

Admiral Systems and Peripherals

70 North Road
01202 715570

Out of Afrika is a charity that will make good use of your old working computer to help equip schools in Africa with technology. Contact: www.outofafrika.org.uk or email: Julie@outofafrika.org
01202 694492



Libraries have sites where you can take unwanted printer cartridges for refilling and recycling.

Telephone Directories

If you want to stop receiving copies of the BT Phonebook, Thomson Directory or Yellow Pages you can cancel your delivery at www.junkbuster.org.uk .

Alternatively you can contact:
BT - to cancel phonebook: tel: 0800 833 400
Thomson Local – email: info@thomsonlocal.com giving your name and address
Yellow Pages: tel 0800 671 444


Useful websites and waste disposal companies

Charity Retail: www.charityretail.org.uk

Recycling appeal: www.recyclingappeal.com - collects mobile phones and printer cartridges.

Recycle More: www.recycle-more.co.uk

Recycle Now: www.recyclenow.com

Recycled Products: www.recycledproducts.org.uk

Rubbish Clearance: http://www.rubbishclearancebournemouth.co.uk/ a local independent company who are able to clear rubbish and large items from your house or garden. They will also transport large items if you want to recycle your old furniture etc. to charity or move from A to B. Based in and around Bournemouth but willing to travel to wider Dorset.

Tools with a Mission: www.twam.co.uk enables people to earn a living and to support themselves in the Third World.

WRAP: www.wrap.org.uk

Waste Online: www.wasteonline.org.uk



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