Disposing of unwanted items in North Dorset

Domestic Refuse Collection

North Dorset provides a weekly sack collection service to most of the district. However we also have a wheeled bin scheme in the North of the district providing fortnightly refuse collections and weekly food waste and cardboard collections.

Weekly Sacks – for household waste

Refuse must be placed in the non-returnable black refuse sacks. The refuse sacks must be placed adjacent to the highway outside your property by 7am on your collection day. Please wrap any broken glass or sharp implements in newspaper before placing in the sack, and label the sack ‘Broken glass’ or ‘sharp objects’ to avoid injury to the refuse collectors. Please do not place the following items into the sacks:

• Trade waste

• Garden waste

• Needles and syringes

• Liquid waste (paint or engine oil)

• Batteries or other DIY or automotive waste

• Large/bulky items

• Clinical waste

Kerbside Recycling

Kerbside Recycling collections are on a fortnightly basis. The Council collects a variety of materials via a green kerbside recycling box and a green plastic bag for paper. There are 2 different types of kerbside collection in North Dorset, ‘Kerbside Sort’ and ‘Co-mingled’.

Kerbside Sort

Households can recycle glass, paper, plastic bottles, cans and tins, household aerosols via their green box with a green bag being provided for paper. Items you cannot place in the box include:

• Drinking glasses, Pyrex dishes

• Window glass

• Yogurt pots, margarine and ice cream tubs

• Plastic bags, aluminium foil, shredded paper

Inside the reusable Green Bag you can put:

• Newspapers, magazines, junk mail

• Catalogues, Yellow Pages

but you cannot use green bag for:

• Envelopes

• Shredded Paper

• Plastic wrapping

• Cardboard (such as cereal packets)

• Non paper products

Co – mingled households – can only recycle plastic bottles, paper, cans and tins. In your kerbside box you can place:

• Newspapers, magazines, and catalogues

• Junk mail, Yellow Pages

• Plastic bottles, tins, cans

but you cannot place the following items in your box:

• Glass

• Yogurt, margarine, ice cream tubs

• Plastic wrapping

• Window envelopes

• Shredded paper

• Aluminium foil

• Cardboard (cereal boxes).

Food Waste Collection

As part of the new Recycle for Dorset Service, you will receive a weekly collection of food waste. Each household will receive:

• A brown 23 litre container – for all cooked and uncooked food waste, emptied every week

• A kitchen caddy – to sort food waste in your kitchen, to be emptied into the larger brown bin or placed on your own compost heap in your garden.

The normal green box/bag recycling service will continue for recyclable items.

Assisted Collection

If you are unable to place your household refuse along the kerbside at the front of your property due to disability, being elderly, or you have a medical condition North Dorset operate an assisted collection scheme.

For further details of Assisted Collection or any queries about any aspect of refuse collection contact:

Customer Contact

North Dorset District Council
Tel: 01258 454111
Email: customerservices@north-dorset.gov.uk

Garden waste

North Dorset District Council will collect garden waste but the bag needs to have a garden waste sticker on it. North Dorset District Council is unable to collect garden waste unless it is in a pre-paid green council sack or has an attached pre-paid label. Each sack should not exceed 25kgs and should only contain cuttings and clippings, no soil or rubble. Contact Customer Contact on 01258 454111 to find out where to purchase the bags and labels.

Bulky household waste

Your local council are able dispose of bulky household waste for you but there is a charge for this service. To find out details of charges and when they can collect the items contact:

North Dorset: Customer Contact at NDDC on 01258 454111, email: customerservices@north-dorset.gov.uk

Items that are to large to be recycled via household collection schemes can be taken to local household waste sites. These are located at:

Blandford Waste Management Centre

Shaftsbury Lane
DT11 7EG

Open: 1st April – 31st October 9am – 6pm
1st November – 31st March 9am – 5pm
Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day.

Shaftesbury Household Recycling Centre

Wincombe Business Park
Warminster Road

Open: 1st April – 31st October 9am – 6pm
1st November – 31st October 9am – 5pm
Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day.

Sherborne Waste Management Centre

West Mill Lane
DT11 6EE

Open: 1st April – 31st October 9am – 6pm
1st November – 31st March 9am – 5pm.
Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day.


Reusing furniture, white goods and household Items

Next time you need to throw away some household items stop and think whether another person could make use of them. There are local organisations that will recycle items you no longer need to those who do need them. Sometimes following some minor repairs or reconditioning items are passed on to members of the community who may be in need.

In the North Dorset Area the following companies collect a wide variety of items to recycle. For further details contact:

Furnicare Re-Use Project

The Mill
Boden Street
TA20 2DD
Tel: 01460 68221 – open on Mondays & Tuesdays 10am – 3pm, other times contact branch at:
Yeovil Office: 01935 433416 – covers area from Street in Somerset to Blandford in Dorset.

Furnicare provides furniture, electrical and other household items for people on low incomes. We collect unwanted and re-usable household items for checking and resale at affordable prices to people on benefits or whose income is £15,000 or less per year.

Your Choice

Unit 9
Richmar Trading Centre
Butts Pond
Sturminster Newton
DT10 1AZ
Tel: 01258 471665

Your Choice will take good quality items to help people in need furnish their home. Items include:

• White goods – fridges / freezers, washing machines, cookers, microwaves

• Beds, bedding, curtains, wardrobes

• Dining suites, three piece suites, curtain tracks, carpets

• Cutlery, pots and pans, bric-a-brac, food mixers, toasters

• Music centres, DVD players and DVDs, videos, televisions

• Computers / printers

• Garden equipment / DIY equipment


Other organisations that will recycle goods

Clothes and Textiles

There are numerous charity shops that will accept clean old clothes, textiles, shoes, bric-a-brac, books, CDs, DVDs, etc. Look in your local Yellow Pages or along your High Street to see where they are located.


If you want to donate or recycle your old computer it is advisable to delete all the files on the hard-drive to prevent misuse of your details in the future. Contact the organisation below if you wish to recycle:

Out of Afrika is a charity that will make good use of your old working computer to help equip schools in Africa with technology. Contact: www.outofafrika.org.uk or email: Julie@outofafrika.org

Telephone Directories

If you want to stop receiving copies of the BT Phonebook, Thomson Directory or Yellow Pages you can cancel your delivery at www.junkbuster.org.uk .

Alternatively you can contact:
BT - to cancel phonebook: tel: 0800 833 400
Thomson Local – email: info@thomsonlocal.com giving your name and address
Yellow Pages: tel 0800 671 444

Useful websites and waste disposal companies

Charity Retail: www.charityretail.org.uk

Recycling appeal: www.recyclingappeal.com - collects mobile phones and printer cartridges.

Recycle More: www.recycle-more.co.uk

Recycle Now: www.recyclenow.com

Recycled Products: www.recycledproducts.org.uk

Rubbish Clearance: http://www.rubbishclearancebournemouth.co.uk/ a local independent company who are able to clear rubbish and large items from your house or garden. They will also transport large items if you want to recycle your old furniture etc. to charity or move from A to B. Based in and around Bournemouth but willing to travel to wider Dorset.

Tools with a Mission: www.twam.co.uk enables people to earn a living and to support themselves in the Third World.

WRAP: www.wrap.org.uk

Waste Online: www.wasteonline.org.uk

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