Adult Social Care complaints

Adult Social Care complaints

Your local Adult Social Care Service aim to provide good quality services to residents who meet the criteria for Social Care and are keen to learn from your complements, comments, concerns or complaints.  Please let them know if:

  • You feel that they have done something wrong or badly

  • They have done something well

  • They haven’t done something they should have

  • You feel you or someone you care for has been treated badly or unfairly

  • You think they could make changes to some things for the better

Borough Council area: Each Adult Social Care Service will have their own Complaints Procedure if you feel you need to raise an issue or concern.  In the first instance you need to tell the people who provide the service to you of the concerns you have.  Your Social Worker, Care Manager, or Service Manager will be willing to listen to you and try to resolve the situation.

Making a formal complaint

If the people providing a service to you are unable to resolve your concerns to your satisfaction you can make a formal complaint. To do this you need to contact the Social Care Complaints Manager or their equivalent at your local Adult Social Care office.
You may like someone to help you make the complaint.  This could be:

  • A friend

  • A family member

  • An independent advocate

The Social Care Complaints Manager may be able to signpost you to an independent advocacy service in your area.  You can also get advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau. Contact your local authority Social Care Complaints Manager on:

Bournemouth area

Social Care Complaints Manager

Room 102, 3rd Floor
Town Hall
Bourne Ave
Tel: 01202 458953/ 01202 458712/ 01202 456820

Poole Borough Council area

Borough of Poole

Adult Social Care
Civic Centre Annexe
Park Road
BH15 2BR
Tel: 01202 261158

Dorset County Council area

Hilary Butcher - Complaints Manager

Dorset County Council Adult and Community Services
Dorset County Council
County Hall

Tel: 01305 221061
Fax: 01305 224325

After receiving details of your complaint the local authority will go through a procedure to ensure that they listen to and respond to your complaint, and where necessary make improvements for the future. They will ensure that:

  • They make sure that they really understand the issues

  • Find out what you want to happen

  • Discuss a plan with you of how they will deal with your complaint and any outcome you are seeking

  • Keep you informed of how your complaint is progressing

  • Act as quickly as they can

Checks will be made to ensure that you, the person you care for, or on whose behalf you are making the complaint are either receiving services or may be eligible for them.

If your complaint involves both Health and Adult Social Care Services you will receive one single response from the organisation taking overall responsibility for answering the complaint. That organisation will liaise with the others involved to ensure that all aspects of the complaint are addressed and answered. When responding they will work out with you the best way to deal with your complaint, and acknowledge this within three working days.  A number of ways to address the issues will be looked at including:

  • Asking the relevant team manager to talk through the issues with you, followed by a letter of response

  • Arranging a meeting with yourself and other key people involved in the complaint to discuss the issues raised

  • Arranging a formal investigation to take place

Options will be discussed with you and you will be advised as to how long it is likely to be before your issues can be resolved. If a formal investigation needs to take place it will be carried out by someone who is not directly involved with providing you with services. This person will speak to all people involved and draft a report which will be shared with you and all key people involved to check factual accuracy.  They will then produce a final report with conclusions and recommendations.  Following the completion of the investigation a Senior Officer will then write to you offering a formal response to your complaint.  This response will include a copy of the final report.

Making Improvements

Adult Social Care Services are able to make improvements in their services from the evidence gathered from complaints, comments and compliments generated by service users or their carers’.  An Annual Complaints Report is available from the Social Care Complaints Manager (see page 15 for contact details of your Social Care Manager).




What else can I do?

If following a response from a Senior Officer you are still dissatisfied and feel your complaint has not been resolved you can then refer it to the Local Government Ombudsman, who is entirely independent from the Council.

Local Government Ombudsman

If you remain unhappy with the response to your complaint about any service provided by the Local Authority following local resolution, formal investigation, and independent review, then you can complain to the Local Government Ombudsman, who is completely independent of the Local Authority and Government.

Local Government Ombudsman

LGO Advice Team
Po Box 4771
Tel: 0300 061 0614
Text “Call back” to 0762 480 3014

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