Complaints about care services from independent care providers

Complaints about care services from independent providers

If you are receiving services from an independent care agency or care home you should make your initial complaint to the manager of that service.  All reputable care services will have their own complaints procedure in place to deal with such incidences.  If the Local Authority is contributing towards your care with an independent agency or care home then this means that service has a contract with the local authority.  Inform the Local Authority of any complaint you are pursuing with the service, and any response you receive as they will want to monitor the service providers that they contract services too. You can call on the advice of the Social Care Complaints Manager at your local authority to guide you through the complaint with the service provider. 
Most care agencies and care homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission who are interested to hear of concerns and complaints that might breach regulated national standards in care that care homes and agencies have to meet.  Your local Healthwatch office also has a role in collecting data about local social care services to feed to the Care Quality Commission, and through your local Citizens Advice Bureau can offer you advice, however they may not be able to help you with your specific complaint.

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