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If you have a complaint about an NHS service such as your GP, Dentist, Optician, Chemist/Pharmacist, Hospital, NHS staff, Ambulance service, or other NHS provider you can take it further with independent advice from Dorset Advocacy – Help with NHS Complaints. This is a free service funded by the Local Authority through the Governments Localism Agenda to fund NHS Complaints Advocacy Services. In Dorset this is known as “Help with NHS Complaints” The service is completely confidential, independent of the NHS, and no private or personal information will be passed on to any other agency without your permission. The service has experienced advocates and caseworkers to help you make a complaint about a service provided by the NHS. 

Throughout Dorset the local service is run by:

Dorset Advocacy – Help with NHS Complaints

13-15 Jubilee Court
Paceycombe Way
Tel: 0300 343 7000


 Dorset Advocacy – Help with NHS Complaints can:

  • Help you deal with the complaints process

  • Refer you to other relevant agencies regarding your complaint

  • Meet you at your home or in a place you feel comfortable

  •  Provide interpreters if you are a new English speaker or communicate differently

  • Generally support you through the process

However they cannot:

  • Be involved in any claims for compensation (but can refer you to a relevant agency)

  • Get a Practitioner ‘struck off’

  • Be involved in any legal process

If Dorset Advocacy – Help with NHS Complaints agrees to advocate for you they can:

  • Give you the opportunity to speak confidentially to someone who is independent of the health service

  • Represent a person’s wishes and feelings without bias

  • Provide information to enable you to make an informed decision on how to proceed

  • Help you explore your options and the potential outcomes of particular courses of action without bias.

  •  Generally support you through the complaints process by accompanying you to meetings, writing letters, making phone calls etc.

However Dorset Advocacy – Help with NHS Complaints advocates cannot:

  • Make decisions for you

  • Proceed with a complaint unless you wish us to

  • Persuade you to take a certain course of action

  • Work outside of the NHS complaints procedure

  • Withhold any information from you

  • Offer an opinion on how you should proceed

The service is free to everyone, children as well as adults, family carers as well as patients.  Dorset Advocacy can help with any complaint, as long as it relates to a service provided or funded by the National Health Service (NHS) in Dorset.



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