Money matters

Download a copy of our factsheet "Money Matters" to signpost you to organisations able to help you with benefits and your financial concerns.

Information about benefits is also available via

War Widows Association

c/o 199 Borough High Street
Tel: 0845 2412 189

A pressure group that campaign to improve the conditions of War Widows and their dependants in Great Britain.  The work encompasses those who have suffered bereavement as a result of World War Two and all conflicts since then including Iraq and Afghanistan.  The WWA also represents those who have suffered the loss of their spouse in peacetime as a where the death was attributable to their service life. Local meetings held, newsletter provided.


You may feel that your accommodation is no longer suitable for you.  Your property may be too large or you may have moved to suit the particular needs of the person you cared for, to a bungalow for example.

It may be that you live in local authority housing or housing association property and your landlord is asking you to move to a smaller property, or you may be concerned about the cost of running your home.

Do not feel rushed into a decision.  If you are feeling vulnerable it is easy to be pressurised into doing what others want.  You may find it helpful to only make one decision at a time.

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to offer you advice if you are having difficulties with accommodation.

If you call us at Help & Care on 0300 111 3303 one of our advocacy team may also be able to advise you.

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