Someone to talk to

It is important that you have someone to talk to.  Friends, family, fellow carers can be very supportive.  If you do not have any friends or family to turn to organisations such as Help & Care are able to offer a ‘listening ear’ and practical advice. Call on 0300 111 3303 where someone will listen to your needs. Factsheets are available on this website to point you in the direction of information and organisations you may find useful. In particular:

• Support Groups for Carers

• Transport

• Money Matters

• Legal Matters, including Power of Attorney

• Coping with loss

• Someone to talk to

• Telephone befriending

• Home Safety

• Moving House

• Disposing of unwanted items

• Going on Holiday

• Leisure and social opportunities

• Lunch Clubs and Pop-In Clubs

• Opportunities for learning

• Volunteering Opportunities

• Choosing and caring for a pet

Carers groups can be particularly supportive and are open to ex-carers as well as members who are currently caring for a loved one.

Carers Moving Forward

Acland Road Day Centre
Tel: 0300 111 3303

Are you a carers whose loved one has had to go into a care home? Do you feel lost, lonely, need information and support but don’t know where to turn? Carers Moving Forward is a new group for people aged 55 and over who have had to hand over the care of their relative or friend to someone else.  The group offers friendship and support to people who suddenly find the help they had been receiving as carers is no longer available, and understand why you may feel abandoned, guilty and confused about what is expected of you now. Members of the group have been through similar experiences and have first-hand knowledge of what you may be feeling.  The group meets every 3rd Thursday of the month and the meeting is an opportunity to socialise with friends, gain information, and listen to guest speakers on topics of interest. For further information contact Help & Care on 0300 111 3303 or email

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