To much free time

If you have been caring for your relative or friend for some time, you may have given up interests, hobbies or work and lost contact with friends.  You may find it difficult to know what to do with the free time you now have.  Initially just getting through each day may be emotionally exhausting.  As time passes and you begin to rebuild your life you may wish to think about taking up new interests and hobbies, or restarting those that you gave up whilst caring.  There are a number of groups offering social activities, opportunities for volunteering, educational and artistic pursuits.

You may wish to contact your local Job Centre Plus for details of employment or local College, University, Adult Education Centre, or Library to find out what new courses or retraining opportunities there are available.  The following Help & Care factsheets may be able to help you find new interests to fill your time:

• Going on Holiday

• Leisure and social opportunities

• Lunch Clubs and Pop-In Clubs

• Opportunities for learning

• Volunteering Opportunities

• Choosing and caring for a pet

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