Just like any physical illness there are many types of mental illness. Most people will be well again with the right treatment and support. This fact sheet is aimed at helping people experiencing mental health problems, and their families and carers find the services to support their recovery.

Asking for help

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is that first step ‘admitting that you may need help’ and then taking the first steps to finding help.  For most people the first person they may speak to is their GP.  Your GP is able to refer people with less severe illness to a counsellor through the Steps2Wellbeing Service or a voluntary organisation, and/or prescribe some mild medication to help you through a difficult time. You can also refer yourself to the Steps2Wellbeing Service, see details below.  Help & Care fact sheet No. 19 – ‘Someone to talk to’ may also be able to help you find organisations able to support you. Call 0300 111 3303 to ask for a copy or download one from www.helpandcare.org.uk . 

For patients with a more severe or prolonged mental illness your GP may refer you to your local Community Mental Health Team.  Your GP will discuss with you why you are being referred and the support the team will be able to give you.

Steps2Wellbeing Service

The Steps2Wellbeing Service is a free confidential NHS service for people aged 18+. The service is provided across the county of Dorset for people registered at a Dorset GP surgery.
There are a range of different types of treatment available for people who are experiencing problems. Some of the problems people may access the service for include;

  •  Depression and low mood

  • Problems with anxiety (including Social Anxiety and General Anxiety)

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  •  Specific Phobia

  • Panic Disorder

  • Stress

Treatments provided are all evidence based which means there is a substantial body of research to show that the treatments provided work. Support is provided in either face to face, over the telephone, in groups, or via the internet formats.  British Sign Language interpreters can be arranged if needed.
Steps2Wellbeing is a self referral service which means that you can make contact directly with the service.  Referrals are also accepted from GPs and other health professionals. For further information contact the following offices:

Bournemouth & Christchurch – Tel: 01202 399506 / 01202 304634
Email: bc.s2w@dhuft.nhs.uk

Poole, East Dorset, Purbeck – Tel: 01202 633583  Email: pped.s2w@dhuft.nhs.uk

North Dorset – Tel: 01258 474520  Email: nd.s2w@dhuft.nhs.uk

West Dorset – Tel: 01305 367051  Email: wd.s2w@dhuft.nhs.uk

Weymouth & Portland – Tel: 01305 761501  Email: wp.s2w@dhuft.nhs.uk

Or visit the website http://www.steps2wellbeing.co.uk/

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