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Foot care services in your home

It is important to look after your feet, even if you find it difficult to reach them. This sheet gives general advice about how to look after your feet and where to get help if you cannot look after them yourself.

What affects your feet?

• Smoking: In time, smoking can reduce the blood supply to your feet resulting in poor circulation, aching and cold feet.

• Diet: Make sure that you have a well balanced and healthy diet. Being overweight puts strain on your feet which may result in corns and calluses.

• Exercise: Taking regular exercise tones up the body and stimulates the circulation.

• Hygiene: Keeping your feet clean and dry will reduce the risk of infections such as athlete’s foot.

• Footwear: Make sure that your shoes fit comfortably. If they are too tight they will reduce the circulation to your feet. Try to choose shoes that will allow perspiration to escape. Leather soles and uppers with a leather insole are good for this. It is also a good idea to have more than one pair of shoes for every day use. By doing this you can alternate between pairs allowing them to dry out thoroughly.

• Diabetes: People with diabetes should take extra care of their feet. Keeping them clean and dry is important to prevent infection which can quickly spread. Shoes and socks should be chosen carefully to ensure that they do not rub. Rubbing can cause sores and blisters which can again lead to infection. If you notice any changes in your feet, contact your doctor immediately. Some of the warning signs to be aware of are:

a) Swollen areas or changes in the colour of the skin could indicate poor circulation, infection and the early stages of an ulcer or gangrene.

b) Pain in the feet or legs should not be ignored. It could be your body telling you that there is a problem. Even painless sores should not be ignored.

c) Sores or cuts that do not heal should be reported to the doctor as they may be signs that you diabetes is not under control. All of the above symptoms can be treated if they are dealt early.

If you are diabetic, do not try to treat injuries, corns or other foot problems yourself, seek professional help. For more information about diabetes and foot care contact your GP.

Hints on how to look after your feet:

Wash your feet in soapy water. Dry them thoroughly and powder lightly. Do not allow the powder to clog or cake between the toes. Try to use a powder that is specially designed for the feet.

If you suffer from calluses, apply moisturising cream daily. You may find that peppermint, diluted essential oil or moisturising cream, is refreshing and soothing when rubbed into the feet.

Keep your toenails trimmed. If you cannot manage to cut your own nails you can contact a State Registered Chiropodist, details of which can be found in the telephone book. A State Registered Chiropodist (SRCh) must complete a three year full-time course to obtain state registration. This is the only qualification recognised for employment in the National Health Service as a Chiropodist.

If you find it difficult to leave the home but are not completely housebound, it is possible to have a chiropodist visit your home. There is a charge for the treatment, which is provided by private chiropodists. A GP referral is not necessary and you can contact the chiropodist direct.

Charges for a home visiting Chiropodist can vary. Remember to check the current charge when making an appointment and check if they are state registered.

Chiropody Services

The NHS Chiropody Service will provide a free home visit for people who are completely housebound. A GP referral is required to access this service. Contact your surgery for more information.

Health Professions Council

This website will help you find a registered Chiropodist in your area. All registrants are genuine practitioners, meet national standards and are insured so you are protected. For further details visit .

Nail Cutting Surgery

Run by Age Concern Dorchester, £11 per session, prices start from £21 for the first session which includes the purchase of your own equipment for further use. Not available to clients with diabetes, those on steroids or taking large amounts of aspirin or warfrin.
Surgeries held in Wool and Dorchester, contact 01305 269444 for full details of venues.


Pramacare offer a Toe Nail Cutting Service if you have poor mobility, poor eyesight, are a low risk diabetic, or take an anticoagulant e.g. Warfarin. The nail care workers are trained by the CCG Podiatry Services department. Your doctor or medical surgery will need to confirm that it is safe for us to cut your nails rather than a fully trained chiropodist, Prama can take care of that for you.

There is a fee of £16 to cut your toe nails or finger nails, discounts may apply for people in the same household and for additional nail cutting. Prama supply you with your own set of clippers and a nail file, in a small case on your first visit, and there is a small charge of £10.50 for these. Prama will only use clippers supplied by them when attending to your nails. If you wish to book an appointment please call Prama on 01202 207308. Areas covered include Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Wareham, Blandford, Wimborne and Ferndown

Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists

1 Fellmongers Path
Tower Bridge Rd
London, SE1 3LY
Telephone: 0207 234 8620.
Fax: 0845 450 3721

The society can give you details of a registered chiropodist in your area and advice about foot care.

Finding shoes that fit

If you have swollen feet and find it difficult to buy shoes that fit, it is possible to buy shoes that are made specifically for you. There are companies that specialise in making shoes and slippers to fit swollen feet. Many of the shoes have elastic or Velcro fastenings that
can be adjusted and are easy to do up. For further information speak to your GP or a State Registered Chiropodist.

Sole Mates

A voluntary organisation for people with different sized feet, and amputees. The organisation offers a partnering service to match members with someone who has the same problem, but on the other foot. By doing this, members will only have to buy one pair of shoes each. Information about specialist suppliers is also available. Life membership £5. Information is free. Send a stamped, addressed envelope to:

46 Gordon Road
London, E4 6BU
Telephone: 020 8524 2423

Shoe suppliers who will visit the home

Ideal Footwear

Paul Herniman
5 Broyle Close
West Sussex, PO19 6BG
Telephone: 01243 532132

Visits Bournemouth and Poole twice a month by appointment.


Shoes On Approval

Some shops will allow shoes to be purchased and taken home on approval with a full refund given for unsuitable shoes with the production of the receipt within a certain timescale.

Clarks Shoes

16 Market Place
Telephone: 01258 454153

Parfitt’s Shoes

6 Salisbury Street
Telephone: 01747 852559

Shoes may be taken on approval with no money paid. Wide and extra wide shoes in stock.

Stead & Simpson

44/46 High Street
Telephone: 01747 855142

A refund is available if returned within 28 days with receipt, or an exchange or credit note without receipt. Items can be returned to any of their branches – the nearest are Salisbury, Blandford, Sherborne, Poole and Wimborne.


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