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Refresh your driving skills

Refresh your driving skills

Dorset Driver Gold

Dorset Driver Gold provides drivers aged 65 or over (but younger drivers are welcome), with the opportunity to update their driving skills and knowledge, helping them deal with ever changing road conditions, and can reduce the risk of becoming involved in a road collision. The courses are held during the day, giving drivers an opportunity to discuss issues related to driving and receive help and guidance with things that may concern or worry them. The courses are delivered by Safewise tel: 01202 591330 http://www.safewise.org/.

There are two elements to Dorset Driver Gold:

Theory Session

This is an up to 3 hour course aimed at helping drivers update their knowledge and skills. No driving is involved.

Practical Course

You will be accompanied by an experienced driving professional, in your own car, on this 90 minute course. The route usually includes town and country driving; you can also ask the instructor for help with things that bother you, such as parking or reversing difficulties. The aim is to update and improve your driving skills to reduce the chance of you becoming involved in a collision.

Courses are held in Bournemouth and Weymouth areas. For further information about both courses and a list of charges contact: http://www.safewise.org/bookings/dorset-driver-gold/ or tel: 01202 591330, text mobile 07713 499 777, or email ddg@safewise.org . There is also a link from the Dorset County Council website: https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/roadsafety/driving/older-drivers

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