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Meet the Help & Care London Marathon Team!

Hywel Dix

I have been a regular runner all my adult life, and in 2016 fulfilled a long-term ambition by completing the New Forest Marathon. At the time, I did not commit myself to running on behalf of any charity because, never having done one before, I could not be certain of finishing. Having continued to train and improve ever since, I am now completely confident that I can do so and am ready to support a local charity through my running.


Help & Care is a charity very close to my home, in whose work I strongly believe and which I support frequently by donating items to the local shop. I have found much useful information about fundraising via marathon running in Alexandra Heminsley’s book Run Like a Girl – although parts of this book are specific to women and so do not apply to me, there is lots of general advice about training for a marathon as an amateur runner that is valid for men and women.


As a university lecturer in English, I am very interested in the novels of Haruki Murakami, and take great inspiration from the fact that he has run a marathon every year for 35 years. His book about marathon running has been another valuable source of ideas and inspiration for me.


If you wish to support him, visit Hywel's fundraising page.

Louise Hendes

I’m a Heath care assistant at the Quarter Jack Surgery Wimborne. I’m studying with Open university to get my Higher Education in health care practice with the hope to get on the pre-registration Nursing 2018. I have worked here for 7 years now. I also support the over 75s and anyone who needs referrals to SS / OT and care support for carer’s.


I have always wanted to run the London Marathon, however six times of trying never got in through ballot. I’ve never run for charity as yet because it’s been a lot of money to raise by myself and because I have run 17 marathons to date. 


Help & Care offers support for a lot of our patients and we also put a lot of referrals through to Wayfinders, who help me with patients that I am unable to get out to and also provide me with information on services in the community.


I am really pleased to be able to fundraise for Help & Care and help support all the work they do.


If you wish to support her, visit Louise's fundraising page.

Stuart Vallis

Hi, I’m Stu!


This is a photo of me running the London Marathon in 2008, my first marathon. The London Marathon 2018 will be my 6th marathon and I’m delighted to be running it exactly 10 years after my debut! 


I’ve run London, New York, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Brighton, but London eclipses the others purely for the organisation and atmosphere for pretty much the entire 26 miles.


I have recently moved to Bournemouth and wanted to support a local charity that helps local people and Help & Care seemed to fit that remit perfectly.


If you wish to support Stuart, visit Stuart's fundraising page.



Stuart Gill

Hello! I’m Stuart. I am once again raising money for the fantastic charity, Help & Care. I supported this charity last year and the experience was incredible. I had fun training (despite the constant grumbling), I enjoyed the Marathon itself immensely and knowing it was for a fantastic cause really helped get me round, so I jumped at the opportunity to do so again. I mean just look at the photos... am I not happy?


So, by supporting me in my bid to beat last year's time of 4 hours 13 minutes and 46 seconds (and hopefully go under 4 hours!) you will contribute to Help & Care’s volunteer services…And if that is not enough you get to see me suffer again!


I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.


If you wish to support him, visit Stuart's fundraising page.