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One number, many services 0300 111 3303

Most of our services are there to support older people and carers but the Gateway can help you with many health and social care issues. Whether you are looking for some general information about local social activities or meal delivery services or looking for more individual support from our Carers Services, Community Volunteer or someone to help you sort out that tricky issue, the Gateway staff can help you find the best way forward.

The Gateway team are all skilled to respond to many different queries and, together, bring a breadth of experience and knowledge from a host of different fields. The Gateway team also has access to the many Information Factsheets that cover a whole range of issues which are all produced under the principles of the Information Standard

You can call us yourself, on behalf of a friend or family member or if you are a professional and one of the Information and Support Workers will be here to help.

Just one of our queries:

A referral came in for a staff member of the local Reablement Team on behalf of Mr Stevens.

Mr Stevens needed someone to help take him to an appointment on where he was getting help to complete an online housing form. Mr Stevens was living in a flat with lots of steps to the front door and urgently needed to move as he had poor vision, mild dementia and was prone to falls. Mr Stevens had received some support from the advocacy team in the past, and the caller was informed that if the support was solely for driving him to and from the appointment then a volunteer would be more appropriate

The Gateway said that they would refer Mr. Stevens to the coordinator of the advocacy service to assess him and to let her know if they could help. In addition she was provided with the details of the Bournemouth Blind Society to help him with reading his post

How to Contact us:

Telephone: 0300 111 3303

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