Our Collaborations

Help & Care works in collaboration with numerous organisations from the public, private and third sector to deliver exceptional services and support. Working with local and national organisations enhances our work at all levels.

Local approach, regional reach

In 1985, Help & Care started as a project to help the older population from Bournemouth. After 30 years, we now offer a wide variety of services for people of all ages across Southern England.

Making a difference in our local communities and delivering personalised solutions is at the heart of our work. However, we aim to expand geographically to help as many people as possible. Partnering with local and national organisations helps us to keep growing and learning.

Delivering more services

Working alongside other organisations allows us to increase our range of services and reach people in need of all ages.

Our focus has expanded over the years, we currently offer services to a wide variety of audiences, such as older people, unpaid carers, and people with a long term health condition. Our goal is to help as many people and communities as possible live fulfilling and independent lives, and support communities in having a voice.

Together we are stronger

Influencing policies and practices that we deem unfair or outdated has always been part of Help & Care’s DNA.

Our partners’ support has played a big part in helping us raise the voice of others, often less heard, and become an influential contender in the community. We are proud of being an independent and reliable organisation, which is not afraid of challenging the system and proposing solutions in order to create a better society.

Collaborate with us

Would you like to become our partner?

Contact our team on contact@helpandcare.org.uk and find out how we can work together.

Our partners


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