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Our vision is a place where people and communities are living the lives they choose

Help & Care has been working across South-Central England for over 30 years, promoting dignity and independence for all people, particularly people living with a long-term health condition, carers and those who are isolated and/or housebound. What makes us different is our person-centred approach. We understand that each individual has different needs, so we work closely with people to understand what really matters for them and to help them lead independent and fulfilling lives, for as long as possible.  

Based in Bournemouth, we offer services across South-Central England.

We can help you

We can speak up on your behalf, provide support and advice, and much more. Together we will make your voice heard and find solutions that will help you be happier.

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Working in collaboration

Working with local and national organisations enhances our work at all levels, that's why Help & Care works in collaboration with more than 25 organisations from the public, private, and third sector.

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