Our Values


Social justice sits at the heart of all our work. Since its very beginnings, Help & Care has played a key role in challenging and influencing policies and practices to make our communities better places.

We are proud of being an independent and impartial organisation which is not afraid of speaking out on behalf of the most vulnerable groups of society. 


In an ever-changing world, it is vital to embrace new situations and technology trends proactively. Help & Care has always faced new challenges with enthusiasm, and innovative and resourceful solutions.

We are an agile organisation, formed by open-minded, brave people who always break new ground and give communities a voice. Our aim is to keep growing to help more and more people live the lives they choose. 


All our work puts people’s needs first and foremost. We believe that every individual deserves to be treated with respect and compassion and that every voice should be heard.

At Help & Care we work with people, we listen and understand what really matters for individuals and help them make those changes that will improve their quality of life.


Working in collaboration with organisations from the public, private, and voluntary sectors enhances our work at all levels.

Help & Care works alongside more than 25 organisations to deliver excellent service across Southern England. Our collaborations and partnerships allow us to expand geographically and reach more people who need our help, as well as to challenge and influence policy makers.

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