Our Team

Board of trustees

Our Board of Trustees is Help & Care’s governing body. It is formed by seven members who volunteer their time to supervise and ensure the organisation is well managed, follows legal requirements, and operates with agreed policies and budget.

The Board’s main responsibilities include risk management and thinking strategically to fulfil the organisation’s purpose and goals.

Meet our Trustees.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is formed by four directors who work with and support the Chief Executive. They are responsible for developing the organisation’s strategy to achieve the corporate objectives and ensure sustained growth.

The Leadership Team promotes Help & Care’s corporate culture by making sure our values and vision underpin all our work.

Meet our Leadership Team

Our people

Each and every of our employees have contributed to Help & Care’s development throughout the years. Together, we have created Help & Care’s DNA and its corporate culture.

Our workforce is very diverse, but we all share the same values: we treat people with a personal and tailored approach, we’re driven by making a difference to others’ lives and social justice, and we all prefer working in a collaborative and inclusive environment.

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