Zero Tolerance Statement

Whilst we understand that many of the people we work with may be experiencing acute difficulties, Help & Care staff should not feel unsafe during the course of their work.

In rare circumstances, Help & Care will terminate our professional relationship with a user of the service. These circumstances include, but are not limited to:
• Violence
• Threatening or abusive language
• Threatening behaviour
• Discriminatory remarks
• Demanding to speak to/see only certain members of Help & Care staff
• Aggressive or forceful language
• Offensive gestures or behaviour
• Wilful damage of Help & Care property or theft from Help & Care staff
• Malicious allegations against Help & Care staff
• Repeated derogatory comments about Help & Care or individual staff verbally, in writing or on social media platforms

All incidents of threatening or violent behaviour will be reported to the Police.

Any incident should be reported to the staff member’s line manager immediately, to ensure that staff are adequately supported. Staff should be encouraged to seek support in the best way for them, which may include contacting Simplyhealth Wellbeing service, Human Resources, or any member of the Leadership Team.

All incidents should be reported via the Help & Care Incident/Accident reporting system.


Issued March 2024.

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