Supporting Vital Research

Help & Care continue to lead the way in community-based, joined-up working, supporting people to live the lives they choose whilst playing a key role in research-based approaches to Health and Social Care. Our latest project is in partnership with Bournemouth University to promote Digital Literacy through Health & Wellbeing Coaching.

 Bournemouth University’s Ageing and Dementia Research Centre have been developing the DIALOR project based on Digital Coaching for people diagnosed with frailty. The project is intended to test if a new digital approach could be used with health coaching in older people to manage symptoms of frailty (in its early stages) and another long-term condition e.g., diabetes.

Help & Care have been part of this since conception, and the project has now begun with the first referrals coming through to our Health & Wellbeing Coaches who will work with the participants to use the My mHealth app and set SMART* Goals to work towards improving 4 key domains: diet/nutrition, physical activity, mental wellbeing, and social engagement. 

*Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic, Timely.

Matt Doyle, Locality Manager at Help & Care said, “We are always delighted to support our local communities and being involved in a project like this is tremendously exciting. We are hoping that this research will inform good practice going forward and will continue our fruitful partnership with Bournemouth University, allowing for further opportunities to take an active part in vital research and development.”

 Help & Care have been working for nearly 40 years in the community supporting people to live the lives they choose. As a result, the team are well placed to provide their excellent standard of Health & Wellbeing Coaching targeted at this cohort, whilst having the flexibility to adapt their approaches to the needs of both the participants and the researchers.

 Professor Jane Murphy, the Project Lead added: “This project has demonstrated how vital it is to work with multiple partners and agencies in the local area to enable us to provide the level of targeted intervention needed to make a difference to peoples’ lives.”

 DIALOR’s Patient and Public Involvement Lead, Jim McMahon noted that: “Digital services like these provide improvements in health and wellbeing, leading to greater independence for much longer, contributing to a happier retirement.”

For further information about the DIALOR project and the work of the ADRC, please visit the BU website. 


About Help & Care

At Help & Care, we promote dignity and independence for people and communities across South-Central England from our base in Dorset, empowering people and communities to live the lives they choose.

Our values guide all the work we do: Personal, Collaborative, Innovative and Social Justice. For nearly 40 years, we have met the needs in society, and much of our work provides support to people living with a long-term health condition, carers and those who are isolated or housebound.

We understand that every individual has different needs, so we work closely with people to understand what really matters for them and to help them lead independent and fulfilling lives for as long as possible. 

We are key players in the health and social care sector, working with partners across the voluntary sector and wider industries, to create services that support the needs of people in our area. 

How to get involved

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