Our Impact & Stories

Rebeca’s story – Caring for her elderly mother

Rebeca has two young children, works part-time, and she also looks after her mother, who is in her 80s and shows early signs of memory loss. She emailed Help & Care looking for advice, information and support.Read more.

Why is Help & Care your chosen charity?

A few weeks ago, Ms. Parker, a lady living in Boscombe, called Help & Care to arrange a collection. She had several bags of donations for our charity shop in Southbourne, but she didn’t have a car to drive to the shop.Read more.

Sue’s story – Supported by Help & Care to speak out

Sue joined a care home as an agency worker. After some months in her new role, she realised that some residents were at risk. However, she didn’t know how to speak out, as she had been warned that if she complained she’d be fired.Read more.

Dan's story - Recovering from depression and anxiety

Dan joined Roots when he was eighteen, and since then he has been a volunteer for three years.Read more.

Peter’s story – Volunteering at Roots

Peter is in his forties and has been volunteering at Roots for two years. Roots has helped him recover from mental health illness and feel more positive about life.Read more.

Ann's story - Recovering from depression with Roots

Ann joined Help & Care’s Roots Service while she was recovering from severe depression. After two years of volunteering for Help & Care, Ann was offered a permanent job at the social enterprise.Read more.

Douglas' story - Leaving a legacy to help

Douglas was bed bound when he first met Help & Care. He didn’t have any family, so he relied on Help & Care as he was approaching the end of life. Sadly, Douglas passed away in 2012, but he decided to leave his estate to the charity.Read more.

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